Mild Cycle (15-20 lbs)

Hey everybody I’ve been training for 1 year and put on 44 lbs naturally, I’m competing in September of 2015 (untested organization) and plan to cycle at least once by then! I need something very mild that will get me to around 164-170 lbs. it can’t be obvious that I’m on roids because my mom and dad will kill me as well as my trainer!

What would a good mild drug be ? Maybe test 200 or something ? I also need doses for that amount! Thanks for your help

you sound like a complete troll but if you put on 40 lbs naturally just fine why stop, keep going, you don’t need steroids you’ve only been training for 1 year.

If you want to weigh 170 by putting on 20 lbs that means you weigh 150 right now which means you started out at 106lbs? is that correct?

what the hell???

Is this a joke?


Here we go

I can’t wait for the anger that always comes from the OP of these type of posts.

Rarrr I eat 8000 calories a day and can lift heavier on planche push ups than any of the big roid heads at my gym who just train for da pumpz and aren’t even functional can you do a hanstand cos I totally can you guys are just keyboard ninjas lol i don’t even wanna be huge my ideal physique is zyzz only not dead ur just mirin my aesthetics bruv i totally get laid sometimes I bet you don’t and anyway my bro told me bill roberts 2on/2off would help me solidify my gainz so whatever you guys are just greasy bacned juice addicts