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Mild Cutting Cycle

Blshaw, we need to see this. You look yolked in your avatar, so I gotta see an update. I’ll keep in mind you are probably a bit flatter than you would be in a surplus.

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I’ll see about a pic. I was carrying a lot of visceral fat I think. So my avatar I was about 200-205 I can’t exactly remember and looked good from the front with visible abs etc. From the side my stomach stuck out a lot. I was very bloated looking and my waist was 36" in that pic. Now I tape <34" at the waist, but my arms are about 1/2" down too. I was on cycle in that pic and now I’m off so don’t expect to be impressed!


Hmm, wonder if visceral fat is an issue for me. I have abs from the front, but a bit of extra fat especially at the navel. The rest of my body is pretty lean. I get comments about vascularity. Also sitting right around 36" at the navel, and fluctuate from 202-206ish lbs. I would love to be an honest under 34" at the navel.

Been curious about this kind of fat. When does it go away? Dead last?

Not sure on that. It seems based upon my 2 minutes of google searching today that processed foods and alcohol seem to make it hard to lose, but that may be silly (as I know very little on it).

My guess is getting lean should reduce all fat including visceral fat. I have heard that low T can make visceral fat worse, and that men with higher T tend to store less on their stomachs. I have artificially high T, and I am still not happy with my fat distribution.

I just went on vacation with the fam over Easter break. I was 190 when we left. A week of rum and diets, not working out, and not getting adequate protein brought me to 182 when I got back. Can’t believe how much one week of letting go dropped the muscle, and how much eating and exercise are necessary to maintain on AAS. I took my test with me, same mgs I was taking leading up. I have some recover to do haha.

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Same. Also eating basically no processed food. I mean I know all food has some sort of processing, but no canned or pre packaged food. In my dexa scans it shows visceral fat, I plan to get another one before I start gaining. It’ll be interesting to see the difference of visceral fat

I’m barely at 31’’ and so far I have eaten processed food and drank alcohol every week

Good sir please take your fancy genes and see your self out. Fat small arm bros are talking.


At the navel? I wear size 32 pants, but I am certainly larger than that at the navel.

Also, you speak like this is a lot of alcohol and processed food.

If I do each of these only weekly, it is a win.

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Yes at the navel. I hold fat on my lower back, thigh and glutes like a girl. I have a friend that is like you: everything goes on his belly.

No way you lost 8 lbs of muscle after a week off AAS. It’s nitrogen balance, water, glycogen stores etc

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I have the Hank Hill bod.



OP, I’m sorry for sparking a conversation that cluttered your personal log. I won’t engage these cats any more on this thread except to leave a parting shot…I would rather have Rosie O’Donnell sit on my face than to eat 1,900 calories a day while lifting heavy.

How did the testing triples go this week?

Are you anxious to start Tren next week? Have you ran it before?


Week 4 update :

I weighed 213lb this morning. I lowered my calories to 1700, 5 days ago. I only trained 3 days this week while testing strength. I plan on keeping calories at 1700 until I reach my goal weight.


Squats: 280x3, 315x3, 225x10, 225x8

  • this is only the second time I played with all the suggestions on how to improve my squat. Wider stance, slower decent, not going to low/just below parallel. It’s not perfect and It will take time to get use to, but surprisingly the weight felt easier. My lower back felt better after the workout, and my quads felt much more activated. Great advice from everyone. I will continue to try squatting this way and improving the movement. Based on how the last 2 sessions went, this position is much stronger for me and I see my squat strength improving. Who knew not squatting ass to grass and only moving the weight half way would result is more power lol.

Bench: 265x3, 295x4 (little help on the top of the 4th rep), 225x13, 225x10

DL: 275x5, 315x3, 365x3, 405x3

I’m new to sumo, so I’m happy with how this weight moved. The only issue I had was that I was wearing the wrong shoes for DLs and it threw my balance off. I can see myself matching my 495 conventional by the end of the year…or even at the end of the 8 weeks haha.

Overall it was a good triples week, strength hasn’t really dimished over the last few months even though I’m down 15lb. I did add Tren @ 18mg daily and I did add anavar @ 50mg, 5 days ago. Honestly I feel no difference whatsoever. I’m not sure if it just takes a couple weeks or what, but I didn’t experience anything unusual this week. I did only train 3x this week, since I’m not taking a deload week, I plan on taking fri/sat/sun off and getting back to 5 days per week with cardio. Hopefully I notice the addition of these compounds.

Typically I don’t have any post injection pain and my shots are fairly small, but since adding the mast/test/tren all into one shot which equals about .5 cc daily, I’ve been experiencing lasting muscle soreness. I’m sure it’s just that the volume of fluid is larger and that the Injection sites need to get use to the increase. Just increase in soreness.

Protocol change
Added Tren @ 125 weekly for 8 weeks/ until vacation

Added anavar @ 50mg for 8 weeks/ until vacation

Keeping mast @ 300mg for another 11 weeks. 15 weeks total.

Keeping test at TRT levels @ 110mg

No pump physique update


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Solid lifts man. And congrats on -15 pounds.

Week 5 update :

My weight has been all over the place. I got off track the last 2 weeks and my weight has bounced back up to 216-219… 2 weekends in a row I completely over indulged and went over my calories. Ever since starting the tren and anavar my appetite has increased. I need to get back to being consistent with counting calories and work towards my goal!


Squats: 275x8, 225x10 for 3 sets: all new PRs, I don’t know if it’s the new squat form or the additional
Compounds but this was a great workout.

Bench: 275x7, 225x10, 225x8, 225x6

DL: 225x5, 275x5, 315x5, 365x5

Decided to start going heavier and working up to 365x5+. Still getting comfortable with sumo.

Overall I’m starting to notice certain side effects creeping up slowly. I feel hotter throughout the day and experience mild night sweats. I feel easily aggravated and my mood seems worse than before. Certain days I’m perfectly normal but it doesn’t take much to “frustrate” me lately. I completely expected this as Tren sides and I’m trying to be self aware as much as I can. I’m not experiencing anything extreme like paranoia or nightmares.

Testing gear: I ordered roidtests for the mast/tren/anavar. Each kit contained two different tests. The mast and tren both tested positive on both tests. The anavar failed one test and was positive on another. The test it failed was suppose to turn orange but it turned red, which I believe indicated the presence of dbol if I’m not mistaken by their color chart. I’m not surprised, I’ve read of anavar being cut with dbol. I’m not sure what to think at this point, and what potential downsides there are if running the mixed compound.

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Week 9 update :

Well this “cutting cycle” has turned into a maintenance cycle because my weight has gone back up to around 214-216, which is where I started. The only difference between 9 weeks ago and now is that my physique has improved. I haven’t really been counting calories for the last 4 weeks. I feel good at this weight and my workout have been great. I definitely lost motivation to lean out and get down to 200-205lb because imo I look good at 215 and my performance has only improved. I do plan on getting back to tracking calories and maybe aim for another 5lb decrease before summer is over.

Strength all of my lifts have gone up. Below are my best lifts for the last few weeks.

Squats: had a small set back one week, on a back down set of 225x10 my left inner thigh made a weird crunch and I lost power in that leg. Decided to stop there and within a few days a huge bruise showed up. I limped around for 4-5 days since I couldn’t put any pressure on it. It healed and I was able to squat again without pain the following week.

  • 275x10 every squat session. I went up to 295x5 which moved really well. I’ve been mainly sticking to reps and haven’t been going heavy. I plan on testing my 1rpm next week. My goal is 385, possibly 405.

Bench: 275x10

  • 225x10 Larsen press for multiple sets
  • incline 225x8 this was a big PR for me since previously I was only doing 5.
  • I plan on testing my 1rpm in two weeks and the goal is 350, possibly 365.


  • 315x5 and 365x5 every deadlift session. Sumo is becoming very comfortable.
  • 500x1 - did some singles randomly one day and 500 moved really fast. I think after a deload and a good weekend of fueling up that 550-585 might be there.

Overall I’m feeling great and almost completely side effects free. The initial Tren “rage”/anger has gone away. I’m more mindful of how I react to frustration situation and I don’t find myself as easily set off as in the first couple weeks. The only other thing is that I’m experiencing some shoulder acne. Also one big thing is the increase libido and sexual drive. It’s uncontrollable. There is not enough sex and jerking off to fulfill this need lol. Another thing that I have not experienced is Tren cough whatsoever. I wonder if the small daily doses mixed with test/mast in one shot have anything to do with that.

Protocol changes:

7 weeks of anavar is coming to an end next week.
5 more weeks of Tren ace at 125mg. 10 week total

Bumping mast e from 300mg to 500mg for the next 5 weeks . 14 weeks total. 9 weeks at 300 and 5 weeks at 500.

Progress: same weight, 9 week mild cycle.



Week 11 update

Weight is up to 220, haven’t been tracking calories.
Added bit more Fluff but feeling great. I’m definitely going to run my next cycle during a bulk and not a cut. I feel like I got more out of the gear in the last 5 weeks of not dieting than while dieting. Everything feels fuller and strength has shot up.

Strength all of my lifts have gone up. Below are my best lifts for the last couple weeks.

Squats: 315x5 and 405x1 (no knee sleeves/wraps). Squat and legs have made the biggest improved during this cycle. I’ve definitely added some size on the quads.

Bench: 315x4 and 350x1. I think 365 is there with a deload. My elbows were sore and I pressed twice the previous week.

Overall I’m feeling good. I made some
Great strength progress and I feel like I’ve added size all over. This was my last week of anavar and I have 3 weeks left of the tren/mast.

Weird side: muscle cramping/striations. If you google muscle rippling disease or “alien gains”…this is exactly what is going on. I’ve never had this happen before and now I can make my chest striate and move on demand. My lats/quads/biceps/forearms/abs randomly cramp like this. I wonder if this is the result of one of the compounds or what ?



If anything, I would guess the Anavar. Orals can cause cramping / crazy pumps for many.

Same boat for me. Cutting on cruise, bulk on blast.