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Milano, Italy


Is anyone here currently in Milano or has lived there in the past few years? I am looking for a a gym recommendation.



They're pretty good, yeah, but a little too expensive for how many you get per pack.

I'd typically prefer Keebler cookies if I'm going down that road.


There was a poster here I haven't seen in a while called stefanogym maybe search him and PM him.


but can Keebler cookies transform into reindeer?


Great tip, thanks!


Haha! Jesus himself.


Stefanogym knows all.


he knows the taste of my sword


mixed girls are hot. don't know if I would travel all the way to italy for one tho


Shiiiit...that's straight from the source, son. Ain't nuthin' mixed about a fine WAP princess from Milan.


ah okay I thought he meant mulatto


It seems I meant "WOP" now that I think about...the meaning being "without papers." Mine was worse, I think.