Mil Press Armpit Pain

no it is not my pic it is a random from the net.

until recently i have always used db for OH presses. I recently started mil presses with a barbell. The day after and the following 1 or 2 i get a pain in the area i circled in black.

any thoughts? hand position? new move and i’m getting used to it and it will go away?

I really like the mil presses and i want to keep them so any thoughts would be appreciated.

Is that your blood splatted up the wall?

Post a vid.

I’m not qualified whatsoever to answer this question, however, I do know that at that location there is a nerve. So maybe there is some nerve impingement going on. Have you tried military pressing with a thumb-less grip? Maybe this will help. Best of luck.

First, by “mil” presses you meant, Military Presses?

Second, feel around the area, it might be a cyst, or some sort of Lipoma.

I felt pain in the general area, same as yours, turned out to be a benign tumor!

Just check it man.

wow, i’ll check for the cyst for sure… thanks.

i’ll also try the thumb less grip