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Mikhail Koklyaev Arrested

Just found this on another board:



I doubt he’s a big enough celebrity to get out of this. For the rest of us mere mortals, that means years of jail time. Federal-pound-me-in-the-ass jail time.

His own fault. Idiot.

I don’t know where he was, but here in the states he could actually be charged with murder, negligent homicide at least.

I don’t think they’re gonna try pounding that guy in the ass lol…

Anyway, this is still just a rumor. We don’t know where IronMind took its sources. But if it’s true it’s a shame, the guy had awesome talent.

Translation from http://www.mediazavod.ru/articles/78116:

Internet hitting strongmen
27.10.2009 19:44
7 strongmen, accidents, death

Chelyabinsk famous athlete Michael Koklyaev knocked down a man who died at the scene

Traffic accident happened dark October evening in the area of Chelyabinsk Metallurgical. Michael later saw a human figure, crossing the road. Strongmen abruptly hit the brakes, but was unable to prevent the accident. His Toyota ran into a male pedestrian who died from his injuries on the spot.

Traffic police did not name names
In fact traffic police accident confirmed, but refused to name, who was driving the car, committed a fatal accident.

  • Indeed, the evening of Oct. 22 of an accident with fatal consequences - described in the traffic police. - In 22 hours 10 minutes at the intersection of Khlibozavodska and 32-th anniversary of the October car “Toyota Camry” is running 31-year-old man shot down a man cross the street to prohibit traffic lights. As a result of a pedestrian accident, an unidentified man about 40 years, died at the scene of the accident. At the same time in the traffic police said that no number plate, nor the names of the driver’s name are not eligible until the end result.

  • Since man was killed in an accident, the case of this incident is in the department to investigate an accident at the city police department. Reasons and details of the accident and blame the pedestrian and the driver to install the investigation and inquiry, - reported in the traffic police.

It remains to add that to the attention of traffic police the driver of the Camry "has never found himself.

From unofficial sources, we learned that the victim - the current pilot Chelyabinsk squadron, he were 51 years …

Call Koklyaevu
We were able to contact Michael Koklyaevym, but well-known athlete understandably not eager to communicate:

  • I do not understand how this happened. Refer to my lawyer.

We contacted a lawyer famous strongmen Vyacheslav Zinoviev.

  • Vyacheslav how and under what circumstances an accident?

  • I do not quite know what happened and how it happened. While I do not give all the information. Michael is now curable. I can not say exactly, but I do not want to assume.

  • You are in contact with law enforcement agencies?

  • Not yet. The only thing I can confirm: Michael really appealed to me.

  • It happened the day after the accident?

  • No, later.

  • When you need to meet with law enforcement officials and obtain information from them?

  • At the end of this or early next week. If next week’s call, I’ll try to comment on the situation and answer your questions. So far, unfortunately, can not say anything.

  • How serious such incident? With Michael lose?

  • I do not have any comments.

Unfortunate accident broke many of the plans of Michael Koklyaeva. He finished a course of rehabilitation after a serious bicep injury received in the summer to compete in Yakutia on mass-wrestling (pulling a stick). November 1 strongmen had planned to start training. But now, he said, it’s hard to cost plans.

From dossier Mediazavod.ru:
Michael Koklyaev - master of sports of international class.

Born in Chelyabinsk, December 17, 1978. Height 193 cm, weight 140 kg. Sports career began in junior sports school, “youth”, coach Alexander Musaev. Winner of the championship of Russia among juniors in weightlifting in 1997, world championship bronze medalist in weightlifting in 1998 in a dash, a bronze medalist in 1999 Cup of Russia, bronze medalist of the national championship in 2001. Six times champion of Russia in weightlifting, a long time was a member of team Russia in weightlifting (1995_2004 years). Since 2005, engaged Strongest Extreme. The repeated champion of Russia by force extreme, the captain of the national team for this sport. Numerous prize-winner of world championships, Grand Prix IFSA, «Arnold Classic. Rating the Professional League of Strongest Extreme is the title of the most powerful man in Russia. Married, wife Oksana, a son of Michael.

Material prepared by Michael ARALOVETS, Nikita KORNEEV

If you use russian search engine, there are many forum-reports and news articles about the case.


so wait…im completely confused now lol…he ran over the man and the man died at the scene…was he drunk or not? just an accident not paying attention?

I don’t know, things appear pretty hazy. From what I understand, he sped while drunk and hit a pedestrian who was crossing when he wasn’t supposed to. Then he got scared as hell and fled the scene and police.