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Mikey Welsh Dead




No Weezer fans?


Well, I like two Weezer albums, but I wasn't a big enough fan to know the band mambers other than Rivers.

But now that I know... that sucks. From wikipedia:

Sucks man.


The blue album kicked ass. One of those generational bands for sure. "Trouble Maker" is fantastic.


beverly hills?



No, no one cares. People who go around spouting off/bragging about how awesome they are because they're straight edge are fucking lame.

And I will be looking for various ways to ruin this thread like you did the videogame thread.


Cat pics are always a crowd pleaser.


Conversation enriches a thread, my boy. I love tangents here and free flowing convos irl. The Robot always was a shitty dance. Spin motherfucker!


I have an idea, ssc and Deb can flirt all over it. You both like lolcatz right? Deb and ssc, sitting in a tree...oh wait, you have to go outside to climb a tree.


Lol, I'm just trollin' anyway. I can respect Weezer for what they did within their respective genre, definitely. Just not for me.

Now Deb's ass, on the other hand...


She's a catch. You've got 50 pages to catch her tiger. How are those social skills developing? PS, there is brevity in my voice, almost always. Hard to convey.


Weezer is one of my favorite bands.

But Mikey's been out of Weezer for years.

Sad anyway. Hopefully it wasn't drugs, but I'm guessing it was.


Allegedly drugs. He helped kick out their best tunes.


Say it ain't so fucking rulz like a baby talking Lolcat.


If you're a real Weezer fan, you'll have ALL their albums.



OK, this is scary. See, one time, Randy Beaman's uncle tweeted "dreamt I died in Chicago next weekend". And the next weekend he went to Chicago and died.

Spooky, huh?
K bye



Hi sweetie! I missed you. Still raining, and cold (read:64 degrees) my nose is all cleared up.


What are your thoughts on Nada Surf?


Hey! Glad your nose is cleared. I feel like shit. But happy that I can watch BB at 7!