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Mikey Samson's Powerlifting Journey

Hey all, I’m 18 and compete in the 105kg weight class (usapl/ipf). I want to start tracking my training on this thread because a few people told me to do so on another thread. I’ve been lifting for 2 years already and things are going well. I hope you all enjoy this thread and can assist me in my journey! :slight_smile:

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Last week I couldn’t record my lifting because my phone wasn’t working, I will start with week 2 of my peaking plan.

Jonnie Candito 6 week Week 2 Day 1

1 set of 10 with 335
Followed by 5 sets of 3 with 440

Deadlift variation:
Paused deadlifts 3x8
First set I overestimated the weight and only got 7 with 345.
Finished the last two sets will 315 and that was fine, technique felt good. Next time I will start with lower weight.

Followed by some lower body accessories
Leg extension 3x15 140
Leg curl 3x15 54.5 kg

(Set of 10)

(2nd set of 5x3)

(4th set of 5x3)

(2nd set of 3x8 paused deadlifts)

Cheers :slight_smile:

Jonnie Candito Week 2 Day 2

Bench day:

Bench press:




Dumbbell row
1x10 65s
2x8 75s

Seated dumbbell ohp
1x10 50s
1x8 60s
1x6 65s

Lat pulldown
1x10 140
1x8 150
1x6 160

3x12 100

Tricep push downs
3x12 120

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