Mike's Training Log

Hello. I’ve been reading tnation for a while, but never been active on the forums. I’ve been looking for a place to start logging my training to keep myself accountable, so here we go. I’ve been skinny-fat most of my life, and not particularly strong. I practiced martial arts when I was younger, and have run crossfit, starting strength, and 5/3/1 in the past. Now I’m a 37 year old single dad with very little time to myself. I work out at home when my daughter is asleep or at preschool. Never get enough sleep, and seldom eat enough. I have been program hopping ever since taking a few months off after a (non-lifting related) low back injury. I also have problems with my right ankle due to an old injury. So my current goals are to strengthen my back, get my strength and mobility back, and put on some muscle. I’ve made up my mind to give Westside for skinny bastards a go. Seems to fit well with the time I have to workout (3 days/week usually), and my recovery ability. I will try to work in some conditioning as I have time, but right now lifting is my priority. I walk 30-35 miles a week at work, so I think I can get by with minimal cardio. If anyone reads this, comments, questions, and constructive criticism are welcome.
37 y/o
179 lbs