Mike's Log

I am over my ideal weight and I want to change that. I am what people call skinny-fat. I will be posting my training sessions and diet.

Currently these are my maxes:
-ATG Squat: 1 rep 340 lbs (tested in summer), 8 reps 285 lbs (recent)
-Bench: 3 reps 225 lbs (recent)
-Deadlift: 3 reps 330 lbs (tested in summer)

I am roughly 172 lbs and 5’6-5’7.

How old are you?

[quote]BlackLabel wrote:
How old are you?[/quote]

I just turned 20 and I live in residence.

My training is going to be kind of screwed up for a bit. I will be going back to Montreal next week for winter break and will be training in an Olympic Weightlifting facility. It is a great facility and we have a great coach. I will not be able to predict the training sessions there.

As far as training in Halifax goes a friend of mine might be able to hook me up with a log press and a sled.

The training in Halifax should look something like this:

Day 1:

Push Press
Lunges or Leg Curls

The two days would be max effort work, anytime that I train other than that would be accessory work and training with strongman equipment.

Farmer’s Walk
3x100 feet w/ 140lbs

Pull up switch grips
3-4 sets

Hanging Knee Raises

What are your goals besides losing the fat?

[quote]BlackLabel wrote:
What are your goals besides losing the fat? [/quote]

Get stronger.

First day back at Gadbois after 4 month break from weightlifting.

5x1 70kg

Clean and Jerk
5x1 90kg

3x3 125kg

Push Press
3x3 60kg

Decent day, it’s good to see the club again.

Why the break?

I moved to go to school, at school they don’t have the necessary equipment or space. I started working on general strength and fixing my weaknesses, it seems to have worked fine.

5x3 60kg

Clean and Jerk
5x3 80kg

Push Press
3x5 50kg


Military Press
3x10 70lbs

Romanian Deadlift
2x20 70lbs

Light extra work.

3x3 65kg

Clean and Jerk
3x3 85kg

Front Squat
2x6 90kg
1x8 90kg

1x3 65kg
1x3 70kg
1x3 75kg (PB)
1x2 78kg (PB)
1x1 80kg (old PB, easy)

Clean And Jerk
1x3 85kg
1x3 90kg (PB I think)
1x2 95kg (PB)

Chinese Jerk
3x5 50kg

3x2 70kg
light technique work

Clean and Jerk
light technique work

My joints hurt. I was going to go heavier but my coach advised me to not to and save my energy for my true max effort days.

Trained once without posting it, and took a break for personal reasons.

Training for today

Front Squat
1x4 135 lbs
2x4 185 lbs
4x4 205 lbs

Bent Over Row
3x10 135 lbs

Incline Bench Press
3x10 95lbs

After Workout
Swim- a few laps

Yeah everything is light, tomorrow I start training program.

5 minutes bike

Bench Press
1x5 135 lbs
1x5 155 lbs
1x10 175 lbs


5 minutes bike

Incline Bench Press
3x10 135 lbs

Db Tricep Extension
3x10 20’s lbs

Sit up with feet anchored
3x10 b.w.

For PM workout triceps started to fail on 3rd set of incline bench, never had that happen before.

1x5 135 lbs
1x5 205 lbs
1x5 225 lbs
1x10 245 lbs

1x50 b.w.

10 minutes

Front Squats
3x10 135 lbs
1x10 155 lbs
1x10 175 lbs

Leg Press
1x20 1pp
1x20 2pp
1x20 3pp
1x20 4pp

Leg Curl
i don’t know, but not near enough

I will be posting my training program, any recommendations and changes would be welcome.

Day 1
Bench 5/3/1
Dips 4x max

Incline Bench 5x10
DB Triceps Extensions 3x10

Day 2
Squat 5/3/1
Box Jump/Lunges 2x50

Front Squat 5x10
Leg Press 3x20
Leg Curl 3x10

Day 3
Deadlift 5/3/1
Pull-Up 3xMax

RDL 3x5
DB Row 3x20
Shrugs 3x10

Day 4
Push Press 5/3/1
Goodmorning 3x10
One Legged Curls 3x15
Military Press 2x10

I cannot do all the volume right now. As I get in better shape I will bring up the amount of sets. Any recommendations are welcome.

1x5 135 lbs
1x5 185 lbs
1x5 225 lbs
1x8 275 lbs


Hammer Curls
1x6 30 lbs
2x6 40 lbs

This training has to be completely redone. By this time in the day my grip is dead.
I am also hung over, shitty day.