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Mike's Journey to a 40 Inch Standing Vert

started vertfreak beginner strength 5 weeks ago

here’s the vid of the testing, felt like shit during it but happy i did it and got a vid adn soemthing to compare my gains to later.

YouTube - Vertfreak testing day

Yeh i know got no running technique, and the broad jumps same thing, somethign i’ll have to work on /learn

got any tips on the running feel free to leave them

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f5NqgtC9j-U this is the vid of my testing day for the program

also pulled my hammy a litle in the second sprint

quads still real tight and can’t squat right yet but doing them and trying to do best job and improve with flexiblity and form each time i do it

my feet/arches are real sore, never been sore like this just from running. I like it, sprints are sick. The 100m is long as hell felt like an endurance test for me.

I’m on wk 2 right now my flexibility isn’t coming around yet but still working on it.

I went to the courts the other day to practice dunking on the 9 ft 9 hoop but couldn’t get any down. It was weird cause when i first jumped i was like damn this hoop is so low i’m gonna jam so easy and then when i was jumping and putting my energy into it for some reason i wasn’t get up high.

Also, doing the power snatches i pulled my tricep a little. It’s nothing big but gonna go to physical therapy for it and also gonna try to work on some other stuff when at physical therapy.

I also was watchign some vids and i’m noticing the importance of strong dorsi/planter flexing in running and jumping.

When i benched also the other day i benched mroe powerlifter style and i felt like i had a much better base so i was lifting much better.

The core work is such a bitch, so hard. Can’t get those split squats yet, i either hit my knees on the ground or just move left and right while doing it, gotta work on that.

In phase 2 in the program when it says use 30 percent from wk 1 are u supposed to use 30 percent from the begining max when u started the program or 30 percent from the weight you were at when u finished the first phase?

last workout of wk 2 today, and the core is killing me already, especially cause after doing the lifts i feel like my core is spent already and most of the hardest core days are on the lower body days which require a lmot more core stabilization and work.

another thing i noticed was after the first couple of days especially after the testing also my feet were real sore

i have also been watching vids of track guys and people jumping and someone said how important it is to be able to go from dorsiflex to plantar flex and do it powerfully and well so i think the feet strength is very important als because that’s where all the energy is transferred to the ground

when you sprint you are supposed to dorsifelx also and then plantar flex when u step and same when u are running up for a jump

also the core work the planks are killer, and i used to hate the sprinter sit ups but now they are my favorite ab exercise cause i finally get how to properly do them. the v-ups are real good also

planks i seem to die out and my lower back even starts to hurt a little

weird thing, don’t know why, but i’ve barely been sore from all the workouts, but i remember last time when i started the program i was so sore after each workout.

i finish up with the last workout from wk 3 today i think so far might have gained an inch

knees have been hurting a tiny bit

the plyos have been mad hard, and i’m getting real tired each time during them

stretcihng my quads and hip flexors before i squat and it’s been helping

been increasing the weights on the squats and trap bar deadlifts each time as well as most of the other exercises

the bench has been lagging, can’t seem to do 75 percent for 5 reps i think it’s the form

vert might be a little bit higher
still something going on with right knee not sure what it is
the plyos on the 3rd workout day are mad hard, too many reps for me. Jumping so low by the end of them.
burpees are fucking tiring and the planks are killer
core definetely stronger though which is a good thing
will check vert after phase 1 hopefully up a couple of inches

completed wk 5 today workout 1

checked max squat was about 245
, didn’t go down all the way, right knee hurt, pushing with soleus of calf and knee again. NO spotter so i was afraid to go down as far as i could and also it’s not a power rack it’s like one of those squat rack things that has a place to put it on if u go down, but the thing is mad low.

max trap bar deadlift was 305 assuming the trap bar weighted 45 lbs.

the dumbell split lunge jumps were real hard to do right still have a lot of trouble with them and the split squats

Pretty sure the right knee pain is from posture, flexibility, issues i wanna fix it already it’s pissing me off

When i squat i feel my soleus of my calf and my right knee doing a lot of the pushing somehow

Anyone have anything like this?

Check out that article on the beginning of the second page as Joe Defranco gives some tips on how to get your sprints faster. Good luck with your program!

[quote]nik133 wrote:

Check out that article on the beginning of the second page as Joe Defranco gives some tips on how to get your sprints faster. Good luck with your program![/quote]

Yeh thanks man, i’ve read that before. My sprint was pretty nasty, i never did track or anything so didn’t really know the technique. Always help to read it again to go over and remember more for next time. When i was doing the sprints it was crazy, felt like i was off balance the entire time, between my right and left leg, like one leg was higher than the other.

Hey man I’m also working on my vertical jump too good luck. Improving your vertical is very tough. Work hard.

yeh man i’ve been working on it for awhile, my standing vert is about 27 maybe 28 now, what’s ur vert?

watched your video, running form isn’t too bad…got a few quick tips though.

  1. stay low, you’re popping up and standing up straight WAY too early, keep that chest down.
  2. get up on your toes, you’re running flat footed, get up on your toes more.
  3. pump those arms through, don’t just use them as dead weight.

just a few simple things but it’ll help your times out and your form. Good luck on the vert man, DO YOUR SQUATS!

thanks man for the tips, yeh after watching it i realized i came out of the dig phase and brought my head up way too early,

doing those squats only thing is getting some pain from right knee and right soleus while diong them gotta figure out exactly what it is and fix it already

U guys can also check out my other vids on youtube, here’s the link


the 305 trap bar deadlift was a big PR assuming the bar weighed 45, i’ve never even gotten close to 300 on any of the lfits before this

vertfreak wk 5 workout 3

this is the last week of the strength/overtraining phase so checking maxes

push press max 135
bench press 205 PR from 195
don’t know how i got it when i was warming up to the 205, i did 185 for 1 rep and i barely even got that rep it, i wasn’t even gonna try the 205 cause it just seemed stupid. somehow i got the 205 though, felt weak and felt unstable on bench and felt that wasn’t able to even use my chest on the lift but got it. I’ll take it i guess.

next week starts the explosive phase

[quote]nba2008 wrote:
yeh man i’ve been working on it for awhile, my standing vert is about 27 maybe 28 now, what’s ur vert?[/quote]

About 33 inches. I can rattle them in but still can’t dunk

[quote]Lift or die wrote:
nba2008 wrote:
yeh man i’ve been working on it for awhile, my standing vert is about 27 maybe 28 now, what’s ur vert?

About 33 inches. I can rattle them in but still can’t dunk[/quote]

33 pretty solid though a few more and u’ll be dunking

end wk 5 phase 1 today, checked max trap bar deadlift got 315 this time PR again

got a vid of it up

felt like was jumping a ltitle bit higher today, feeling a lot more motivated and everythign now that started to break PR’s and jumping a little bit higher

mobility started to come around, don’t feel as restricted when squatting/deadlifting, and hip flexors not as tight

i think i kidna figured out the soleus and knee pain when squatting, it’s hard to explain and i still don’t completely understand or have it figured out what i’m doing but it’s like on my righ tleg i’m putting my lower leg at a certain angle so that all the weight is being put on the soleus and knee.

NOt sure why i was doing it, it must be somethign my body is doing as a defensive mechanism or something, maybe it’s afraid to put the weight on my quads. I’m thinking that’s it cause i have the pain on the way up but i think it’s the way i’m going down which causes it and the quads are a big part of the eccentric portion

k so today is the last workout of week 6

few things to mention

PR on pushpress with 140, nothing special, only done the pushpress a few times so each time expecting to add weight still good to have a PR though

-realized that when i squat i sit back but at the same time i bring my knees forward, it’s real weird, could be to counterbalance cause maybe not enough ankle flexibility

-have same pain in ass literally, think it’s piriformis syndrome or something, stretching should fix it up

-starting to feel more explosive now, played a 2 on 2 game a few days ago and was kicking ass

-getting close to that first dunk, i can feel it

-hoping to gain about 7 inches , someone else who i talked to who is about done with the program said he gained 5 so far and has a week of the deload left so he might gain another 1 or 2. Said he didn’t gain anything either till like wk 7, as is what adam says in the ebook that phase 1 is overtraining phase, expect to even feel weaker at end and during middle of phase 2 wks 6-10 the gains should start pouring in so we’ll see what happens

finished wk 7 workout 1 today hard workout, core is getting crazy
Haven’t like checked my vert in a while, but feeling pretty explosive when playing in like 3 on 3 games.

Realized i am like bending my knee kind of when i squat instead of using it as a hinge like it’s supposed to be, so i’m bending it and putting all the stress there

pull ups are down which is annoying 3 max sets last time were 10 wide, then 8 paralle, then 5 regular. Have but on some bodyweight though

my goal was to gain about 1 lb per wk, now i’m at about 161 from the starting 156 when i started so doing decent. Have gained a decent amount of fat as well though.

Tomorrow got the depth jump landing my vert when i started was about 27 so figure i’ll use a 24 inch box. Been waiting 7 weeks to do this exercise. really not too familiar with depth jumps and plyos, just gonna focus on landing with knees sligthly bend, but back and on balls of feet.