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Mike Tyson

Is he not the dumbest person ever?

Yes pretty much. :slight_smile:

That depends,is TC included???just kidding!!let me answer your question with a question!Do you think you could grow up in Brownsville,N.Y,with no father,all your friends robbing,stealing,killing,.drugs,etc…be taken in solely on your athletic ability,trained to knockout,be screwed by everyone you ever trusted(with the exception of Cus D’amato),throw in with Don King,become the Heavyweight champion of the world(at 20 years old),given MILLIONS,and live on psychiatric drugs for a medical illness(except for during training camp)and act as though your an intelligent,normal individual???

I never thought he’d be able to top that “eating children” quote, but he never ceases to amaze me. Now he’s eating entire feet…

I don’t think there is one single dumbest person, because they all seem to out-do each other in some respects.

It’s true that he’s made some unwise decisions in the past.

He IS in a class by himself.

In a word…yes. Everybody knows right from wrong. Unless you mentally handicapped or something. wait a minute. that might be it.

And I htought “I’m going to eat your children” couldn’t be topped! “I’m gonna f you till you love me” = Greatest quote ever. Tyson should be licensed to fight out of the San Diego Zoo.

"MB Eric: On the Zoloft to keep him from killin' ya'll since 1802."


someone can only be hit in the head so many times - i think mike is a few times over the limit.

Dirty rapist psycho belongs locked away from humanity forever.

haha he really said “I’m going to eat your children” ???

either this was purposely set up to get media coverage and hype up the fight, or tyson is crazy

Mike Tyson is one of the dumbest people ever. But about the press conference, for those who saw it, it looked staged to me. Heavyweight champion psychopaths don’t miss hooking a bodyguard in the face from a foot away.

It may have been staged but one of the old guys in charge of boxing got knocked the fuck out. I dont remember his name but hes in charge of one of the federations and he had to be taken to the hospital.

When Mike becomes old,he’ll make the Tyson Grill,u can cook ears on it.

Either the fight was staged or Tyson is in big trouble. How could he miss a bodyguard standing still with a hook by a foot? I do think that properly trained that Tyson is by far the superior boxer and I would love to see that fight, but I don’t think Tyson will be trained at all. I almost wonder if Tyson purposely wants out of the fight because he knows that he is in no condition to fight a good boxer. Too bad, Cus D’Mato died so early in his career. If not, Tyson’s place in heavyweight history would have surpased Ali’s.

Mikey is my new role model.

While I think Tyson is coockoo, I can't imagine the Nevada State Boxing Commission stopping him from fighting Lewis in the spring. Since Sept.11 Vegas has been hard hit with well below average tourism. This fight will generate hundred of millions for the city. You can bet the city's politicians will be lobbying for this fight to happen.

on one hand I think the dood is an idiot, on the other hand… wtf do we expect? he’s a train fighter, an orphan, been in jail, been dissed by everyone, made fun off.

Imagine being godzilla and having some yipping dogs nip at your heals and laugh. Wtf you gonna do? you gonna take it for a while, then it is a certain fact that when a man is pushed, eventually he will push back.