Mike Tyson Training In His Prime

mike tyson training - YouTube I was in bed but felt like I owed it to you guys to show you this video I found on youtube. This video gets me motivated to go to the gym every time, and It should do the same for you if your at all like me. Enjoy.

Thanks dude. Great post.

I wouldn’t want to be that heavy bag. 4 punches in under a second and they didn’t look like love taps.

4 punchs in under a seconde, damn

Interesting to see that determination and focus (no entourage, waking up at 4:30, paying attention to his trainers, etc) and then compare that to his attitude and training later in his career and you can see why Tyson became a joke and a sideshow

More importantly for us, we can see why he was so dominant in the heavyweight division in the 80’s.