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Mike Tuchscherer 2110 Total


This is the guy to follow.


I'd argue the best raw lifter in the world at the moment.


He's like a machine.




I would argue that he is one of the smartest lifters in the world. He has the most calculated way of training imaginable and is extremely smart about his training. everything has a purpose and everything is done to a perfect quantity. A great inspiration and yes, people ought to look up to his fantastic achievements.


His training philosophy is the basis for mine.

Extremely talent lifter. By far the most cerebral.

I want to be like him when I grow up.


The fact that he is so cerebral is a major reason why I look up to him and am digging his training philosophy.


Isn't he an aero-engineer or something? Anyway, smart guy. Amazing lifter!

Has anyone purchased his training manual and care to share any thoughts? When I browsed through the website the whole spreadsheet thing being sold with it plus all the numbers and perceived effort stuff made my head spin...and I'm a CPA.... Anyway, I was wondering if anyone put any effort into decyphering all this and care to share some experience


He's a missileer, not an aero-engineer.

I was actually at that meet. My wife took that video. You can see the same background in my avatar, haha.


I've recently purchased his Reactive Training Manual and am really glad I did. I've been implementing the info from the manual for the past month or so and definitely see myself continuing to do so for the foreseeable future.

The manual is pretty cool in that each chapter is a step towards making your training better suited for yourself. So far the main thing I've learned and am drawn to is the objectivity towards judging how hard a lift is (rate of perceived exertion) and managing stress. But I suppose the number crunching and objectivity appeals to the science and math nerd that I am.


I've been working with him for 7 weeks now and have made awesome progress (50lbs on my total in 4 weeks). I've also purchased his training manual and it's great.

The main thing I really enjoy about his training is the fatigue percents using RPEs. Pause DLs, Squats, and benches have helped my a lot too, and something I never really thought about before. Right now he's working with a new software (normally used in physics called Tracker) to analyze the force curve of a 1RM and identify the weakest position. It was a HUGE eye opener for me because I was completely off as to where my weaknesses were. His TRAC software is also something worth looking into. After logging a few exercises it tells you how fatigued you are and how to change your training to address that (somedays we can push it, somedays we need to pull back...)


The weakness analysis is definitely intriguing.


All I see is the white box of death...apparently I am missing quite the show.


Does this one work for you Dixies?


Yea I couldn't get it working. I tried on 2 different computers.

edit: fixed it now


He is great! We work with similar software at the University. I'm an orthopedic surgical resident and a Human Movement Scientist. I specialized in exercise physiology and biomechanics...

I love the scientific approach to his training! In Dutch (literally translated) we say: "Measuring is Knowing"

Let's see if we can catch up, i have a raw totall right now of 1960lbs...But my deadlift is by far not as strong as his!!!



Side note, why is it so damn quiet at that meet? Play some music and get psyched up people, that dude just threw around some monster weight!


I thought my speakers were turned off at first


I went back and watched the vids of my SPF meet...its awesome lifting with them.


I think this dude is ridiculously strong...

I also think his approach to training is sick! But if I ever had to calculate that many numbers and RPE and be so scientific I think I would get bored as hell.