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Mike Robertson Posture Seminar

This thread is to give props to Mike Robertson for putting on an excellent seminar at PPC-Chicago this weekend. Not only did Mike awe us all with his knowledge of functional anatomy, but he taught us all how to do functional assessments ourselves. Forget sitting in a chair and listening to someone drone for 8 hours; this seminar was totally hands on and everyone walked away with some new knowledge and the ability to put it into practice right away. You think reading NNM is enough? NNM is the cliff notes to this seminar. Mike is a dynamic speaker and a great teacher, he made the most difficult concepts easy to understand. I’d recommend that you go to a seminar of his if you ever get the chance.

And if you haven’t picked up Magnificent Mobility yet, stop making excuses! If you want improved posture, health, performance, physique, whatever then you should be using the stuff in this DVD.

Thanks Mike for a great seminar! You changed the way I thought about how posture relates to performance. Hopefully you’ll come back to the Chicago area again.

-Geoff W

PS I know there were other T-Nationers at this seminar. Speak up and let everyone know how awesome it was!

My Mother used to put on a “posture seminar” every evening at the dinner table: “Sit up straight!”

And we listened.

Sorry I couldn’t resist…I’m sure that Robertsons seminar was fantastic. He’s an excellent Coach.