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Mike Roberson Cool Tip 19 June

Here is one more time and for the purpose this thread…

"One At A Time

Add some single-leg movements into your program. If you only perform bilateral exercises (both legs at the same time), at some point you’ll develop an imbalance. Adding more unilateral work into your program is to make sure each leg is equally developed in strength and size when compared to the other. If one leg is stronger or weaker than the other, at some point this will probably catch up to you in the form of sub-optimal training and performance, or as an injury. By focusing on strengthening each leg independently, you’re working to ensure that any weak point in your chain is brought up to speed."

Now here is my reason for posting. Of course this is very sound advice and I try my best to do it, but Ive got a problem that prevents me from decent unilater training.

I am recently back in the game after taking care of some knee problems which were mostly caused to to trigger points in the VMO and Vastus Lateralus. Ive got those knocked out and do alot of SMR on that leg and am always sure to warm up and have steadily worked my way back up on the squat and deadlifts. If I go too heavy too quick I get some of that old pain back but I still cant really do much single leg work with the left leg as I still get a sharp pain in the area of the patella when I stress it too much directly. I can do some lunges, step ups, and split squats to a degree(limited to the weight I can use), but I just cant seem to bring it up to the strength of the right leg(was never injured).

At this point the best way to illustrate the lag of the left leg is this, with my right I can do 3 rock bottom pistols with 90lbs on the right and cant even get one with bodyweight on the left leg.

So to the point, with this big of a difference in strenght in the legs, am I another major injury waiting to happen?

other exercises I have been trying is the jumping lunge, pistol/deck squat varation, single leg jump roping amoung others as I have previous listed.

yeah thats obviously a huge difference, but eventually they will get closer. Be sure not to hold back your strong leg though.