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mike quinn

anyone read the article by ron harris in this weeks t-mag? mike says alot of things that fly in the face of todays thinking. what do you guys think? i think he hit a home run with his insulin and GH comment!

yeah i read it. nice interview. i cant recall off the top of my head exactly what it was, but i felt he was full of shit on a few things.

i think he was not 100% honest with some of his answers.

in one or two instances, he was even contradictory.


Deca,d-bol, and equipoise but no test? Surely he would have suffered some problems?

Off topic but I think the man’s a prick and people like him helped create the ‘roid rage’ myth.

Alright so he throws some guy around for threatining his wife, no problem but after he tells her to block the man’s car in til he arrives 25mins later?!!? WTF?!
He obviously cares more about defending his ‘ego’ than his wife’s safety. I mean c’mon wouldn’t you have told her to get the fuck out of there rather than staying in ‘danger’?

and ronnie turned pro “clean” what does that mean exactly? i know guys with excellent genetics that could not win a local amatuer contest without having used “something” at least to help with the dieting.

somehow i doubt his wife blocked some guy in to wait for him to get there and beat the guys ass.

i also have problems with his no test, but use deca as a base for cycle protocol. also, he mentions beating the fuck out of many people, including the guy in the GNC store. i dont know about you guys, but i have had a few brushes with assault cases and i would be doing serious time after just a few of these alleged ass whipping’s. i mean he stated that he threw this guy into displays and basically beat the fuck out of him to the point that he injured himself, but didnt mention an arrest. i know money can buy your way out of trouble but to not even mention an arrest? i smell bullshit. hell, i work part time as a bouncer where we have 600 drunks every weekend. many looking for a fight. i wont even hit a patron after being hit myself, for fear of an assault charge. now, restraining them is an entirely different story. also, someone messing with my family is out of bounds too. point being, you just cant do the things he says these days, hell, look at tyson.

Dude he is another bodybuilder who thinks he’s hot shit and he ain’t shit.

Why anyone would listen to someone like this about training is beyond me.
Also Fuck him he’s used GH and Insulin and anything else he get his paws on.

If he thinks he’s so tough and bad maybe he should go into a MMA fight.

NOBODY competes at a high level in bodybuilding clean. Powerlifting…Maybe? But bodybuilding NO WAY!

Just another bodybuilder doing what they do best talk about themselves.


Didn’t he also say that “you shouldn’t eat unless you’re hungry” ? That really contradicts some of the diet plans on this site. I don’t think many people would get bigger if they only ate when they were hungry.

I’m with you guys, obviuosly he bullshited a bit on the test. I mean how the hell did he achieve the size! I’m also a fan of Mike’s but i mean you whop a guys ass in public and no cops…Whats up?

I agree with what you are saying Jackass and Drago…
However, Ronnie Coleman was competing as a pro-steroid free for a few years. True…he was getting smashed by the bigger guys…but he was onstage as a pro. Now…when he started juicing…those genetics just allowed him to blow everyone else out of the water.

I think Mike may have exagerrated on some of his other comments…about beating up on guys.
Mike always did seem like a “tell it like it is guy” though…and I respected him for that…
Quinn hit his peak with the 87-88 Olympias and faded after that.
He had a helluva lat spread and some cool biceps.

I don’t think T-MAG has much to offer in regard to Professional bodybuilders.

They are people with amazing genetic to begin with. Sure, drug really helps with how they look now, but most of these guys would look better then 99% of us T-MAG readers even if they were natural.

I probably read 20 articles on T-MAG just about the importance of post-workout shake. Which I think works great. But Ronnie Coleman has never drink a post-workout shake in his life and it hasn’t affect his body in a negative way.

Who knows? Deca, D-Bol, and equipoise without Test might sound crazy to most of us, but these guy’s genetic are on a different level and it just might work for them.

Ronnie Coleman was born and they crushed d-ball pills up in his breast milk.

Coleman was never naturall as a pro…NO WAY! If you believe that you probably believe the world is flat.
I’d genetics are a small percentage of the reason why he kicks everyones ass.

Bodybuilders are not superior before they hit the gas. They are uncordinated
and have failed at every sport you could think of before turning to bodybuilding.

Anyone know any bodybuilders that were former pro’s in any sport? You see it all the time in powerlifting. So why not bodybuilding?

Trust me on this one guys. I have seen these guys train. I trained at Gold’s Venice for years and the bodybuilders DID NOT train hard at all! With a few exceptions of course.


I always enjoy a steroid related interview, and appreciated some of his honesty, specially about depression. Deca, can and will intensify that condition. No wonder he had all those fights when he was young. If his base was Deca and if he was competing he was probably taking up to 600mgs of Deca per week. Now, I don’t know about you but on 600mgs per week most people - the vast majority would turn into crybabies. I guess back in the day…and yes, I’ve been there Deca was the drug of choice. However, we’ve come a long ways since and Equipoise seems to produce similar results, although it works via a different mechanism than Deca.

Ok…ok!..we know the distrust people have on this forum of ANYONE who may have been natural and THEN starting juicing…the are ALL liars…according to this forum…ok…we have that established as a T-Nation forum set of core beliefs!!
NOW…what about the rest of what Quinn said???..which was them main part of the post?

Let me simplify this… Where is Mike Quinn today? The answer to that will tell you ALOT about him, his past, his career, and his lack of a future.

Ever notice how the dudes that talk the most are the ones who have hardly achieved anything for themselves?

he got beat up at CLUB LIQUID IN MIAMI by Chris Paciello. Quinn called Vinnie Pazienza(the boxer) to intervene. Paciello was connected and quinn was scared so he hoped Pazienza who had some connected friends could help out.

Ronnie Coleman is a pussy

Jackass: LMAO! yah Mike Katz!!

Anyone who’s gotten into a real fight in the civilian world, knows that the ugly aftermath always involves the police, with possible criminal charges and civil liability. The police always have a pesky way of showing up when you are covered with someone else’s blood.

Telling your wife to block another guy’s vehicle and risk getting her face beaten in, or worse…is the ultimate mark of a pussy…and, yep, that says volumes about the true character of Mike Quinn.

When he was younger he was an ugly, drug addicted jerk, now he’s an older and uglier drug addicted jerk with a lot of wasted years to his credit.

Let’s hope they pass a law so he can’t breed.