Mike O'Hearn Powerbuilding Program?

Has anyone tried his program and what were your results , the first month is 7x4, second is 7x3 and the third is 7x2

Are you using the same amount of Tren as Mike?



He truly is the most gifted all natural athlete ever -lol



Do you just do the frog or is there additional assistance?

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I stand corrected thank you. Lol

Between him and that Kali Muscle dude…

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Wasn’t the frog the exclusive reason for Mike’s awesome strength and build?

Don’t forget the duck eggs.


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They are delicious, and everything delicious is anabolic, that’s just science.

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Do they taste the same? Not that I have anywhere to get duck eggs anyway lol


Get onto ostrich eggs! Raw of course:

Honestly, boiled duck eggs with salt are one of the tastiest poultry-based dishes I’ve ever had. We got them once in Malaysia. If you get the chance, try it.

Yeah idek where to “legally” get duck eggs. The only time I ducks is when I’m feeding em in the park or shooting em in the woods lol

You can’t buy them in grocery shops?

I mean, maybe if I went to some, like, specialty health food store. But no, I can’t walk into Walmart and buy duck eggs

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I’ve seen them in most Delis, alongside quail eggs

Mike says Duck eggs only work if taken anally.

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Duck eggs aren’t readily available in the US. I live in a major city, and I’m not sure where I would go. I’ve never actually seen them in a store. I would think there would be specialty stores that would carry them, but if it were me, I’d find a local duck owner who sold them.