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Mike O’Hearn's Power Shred Program

Any of you guys try Mike O’hearns PowerShred program?

Is it similar to his Powerbuilding program?

You mean Mike O’Tren?


Sure…I don’t really care if the guy is Natty or not. Just saw this program pop up and I’m wondering if it’s something new or just a new name for his powerbuilding program to make money.

I don’t care if he is natty or not either. I just wouldn’t trust a guy that claims natural when he is clearly not, and had a track record of fraudulence. Dude tried to sell 900$ duck eggs, anti-aging supplements, and etc to innocent people. I admire his physique but dude is a full-blown psychopath at its finest.


He is referring to Mike O’hearn, life-time drug-free champion bodybuilder, champion martial artist, champion powerlifter, champion romance-novel-cover model, champion social media influencer, champion volunteer, champion actor—just a champion through and through.

Beware though: Mike is on the list of people you’re not allowed to dislike, else you will be lambasted as if you slandered a best friend or relative.


That’s pretty awesome in its own special way.

Would you accept $900 for a duck egg?

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I wish people would give me $900 for some duck eggs.

I started this because I did like his powerbuilding program and was just wondering if the Power Shred was something different or just Powerbuilding rebranded.

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Literal lulz.

By the way, you’re not allowed to say anything critical about the man who uses the word brutal liberally either or else you will receive such treatment.

In the online world, there are several people you are not allowed to criticize or dislike or simply be indifferent towards. Perhaps I should list them in the Get a Life Forum.

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I remember buying duck eggs on the way home from the Hamptons for a few bucks.

If anything you think Ostrich eggs would be the one to buy for $900 bucks… those fuckers are HYOOOOOG. I actually have seen them on sale at exactly 1 store in my life and it was $20 for a single egg. While it was quite the novelty I was in the height of my frugal days and there was no way I was spending $20 on an egg for the hell of it.

Now a days I could probably become a youtube star with that thing.