Mike Mentzers HD training

OK OK before all the T-men out there go tearing my head off about this post, I am just trying to get some info. I keep hearing about this HD program and want to know what it is. I checked out his web page, and he provides NO info…unless you want to buy one of his books (I Think NOT!) What is Mentzers program, does it work at all, and would it be worth doing for say 4 weeks just as a different program. I am just finishing up GVT (LOVED IT!) and I am looking for something different to do for about 4 weeks just for a change of pace before I get into the “Limping” series of workouts! Thanks T-Men!

HD is basically an abbreviated training system. You would train 1-2 days a week, mainly doing compound exercises. You only do one set and you take that set to failure. That’s it. Almost everyone would benefit from 4 weeks of this type of training. I just did it for 6 weeks and am now switching to GVT2000. If you want the program I used say so in the reply.

Thanks a lot, and yes I would appreciate your workout. Did it give you gains? or is it just good as kind of a recovery from volume training?