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Mike Mentzer


Hello. I am a great fan of the mentzer brothers, but was wondering what were the body weights of mike in the
1971 Mr America
1975 Mr America
1976 Mr Universe
1978 World Championships
1980 Mr Olympia

Researching myself but would love to save some time if anyone could help me i would be grateful.
Thankyou for your time.

Mark Jackson
British Fan


You should have lot's of time to look it up as you are only doing one set to failure. :slight_smile:

(sorry couldn't resist)


What the?

Why do you care? Man talk about inconsequential things to know!

And google is your friend.




How dare you make fun of this innocent poster?! He asks a legit question and all you do is throw degrading comments at him. I am appalled at this web site for allowing you heathens and bullies to post such nonsense!

Dear poster, I apologize on behalf of all of T-Nation for how RUDE, CRUDE and SOCIALLY UNACCEPTABLE some of these other posters are. To answer your question with gentle love and affection, Mike Mentzer weighed much more than a mouse than much less than an elephant. I do hope this helps in your quest for serious knowledge and, again, good luck to you.


Actually nobody knows the answer to that question as throughout his life Mike weighed himself only once......to failure.


That was pretty damn good. Applause.




In "The Wisdom of Mike Mentzer" his latest book in the 1980 Mr O he was 225lbs at 5ft 8 or 9 inches.
Don't worry about the negative comments above. Mike Mentzer isn't 100% right but alot of his theories have influence alot of people. I follow DC(Doggcrap) Training a spin off of Mike Mentzer I train 3 days a week and am a natural 209lbs at 5% at a heght of 5ft 11'

Christian Thibaudeau says good things about DC. Chad Waterbury reccomends 3 days per week breif training although don't train to failure but no the less Mike made us get rid of the bullshit 20+ sets per bodypart which does not work for the majority
Enough said


The problem with Mike is that he got way too cultish about HD being the best way to train.

It started like a 3-way split, where each body part actually got hit 2x in a week. For instance, chest directly with Flys&Bench on chest day, and then indirectly with Dips on arms day. He also talked about 1 set being the most logical place to start, not nessecarily being enough.

But soon, it evolved to 1 set every blue moon, with people actively trying to kill themselves in that one set and than not train again for 2-3 weeks.

DC took what's good from HD and that's rest pausing, progressive overload and hard work. But, there's also periodization (cruising), exercise rotation and extreme stretching. All of these things are, of course, also customed to an individual.

For instance, some people rest-pause by stopping 1 rep short of failure in each mini-set, but others rest only when they've reached failure. Some cruise by doing submax work, like a few easier sets, while others do a straight set to failure but without additional RP. Some for just a week, some cruise for 2-3 weeks.

And, as far as I remember, in his writing he talked about DC being an advanced program, for people who alredy had plenty of expirience with programs like 5x5 or even Westside.

So, what I'm trying to say is that DC is more than another HIT program. Definetly something I will try in future. I will not, however, squat in a Smith machine :wink:


But, how much did that gay-porn mustache of his weigh?


Attempting to be quite sincere, being neither pro/con, adhereing to training economy. If one were to ask me(granted nobody has)would I rather have Mike's physique training an 2 hours a week, or Dave Tate's training 8-12 times per week. Hmmmmmmmmmmm. Nothing against Dave, and having personally spoken to Arthur Jones regarding Mikes "personality". Just wondering out loud.


we could weigh ron jeremy' to get a rough idea.


Let's wonder even further. My understanding is that Mike didn't even use any form of HIT until after he had already built a substantial base of size on his frame. Knowledge of this leads me to avoid crediting the way he looked as a direct result of only HIT.

Beyond that, I very rarely see anyone who is not a professional bodybuilder who uses his system and looks anywhere near the same as someone who follows a triditional training routine for years and focuses on their food intake and strength. Claims of Dorian Yates also fly out the window because he was far beyond his natural ability in terms of size before he ever used this system.


Poliquin called him the "Metal type". I've been sacrificing pigeons on a home-made altar so he wouldn't write a follow up to that one.

always funny
Really, that to me was the last straw, this raging tunnel-vision. Remember when people used to make these statements in a SERIOUS manner? Hell, I've actually tried the damn thing myself(every muscle group once a week warm-up sets then one set to failure).

In all seriousness a man who built a phisique like that must know a thing or two about training and diet, roids or not. And I'm sure the guy had some good theories. But in my opinion, after loosing to Arnold he went bonkers whith the whole 1-set-failure-sleep-120-hours scheme. And let's not forget that he's as guilty as Arnold - a juiced-up bodybuilder has no business giving natural people advice. Steroids will increase your recovery so I don't see why he would want to rest 5 days. Was that his way of cutting some slack for the people who don't use AAS?

Anyway, if any Metzner fans can post some of his better training caveats that don't involve resting for a week I'd love to read 'em. I'll try them if they sound interesting. T-Nation is not closed-minded and we're not afraid to see the good even when it's burried under a layer of dogma. Sorry for the equivocacy, I just can't resist making fun, he's asking for it.


I'm more curious about what kind of numbers he was able to put up.

He always looked like he was strong. Dense muscles and all that.

Still, I remember seeing a photo of him curling some unimpressive weight.


Where do you get 8-12 times a week on a Westside template?

(and since you put it on the table)

Have you actualy achieved these results from training for two hours a week, or is this just a bunch of jibba jabba?

Besides, you are comparing a group that ACTUALY likes to move shitloads of iron (Tate, Simmons, et.al.) to a group that likes to LOOK like they move shitloads of iron. Big Difference!


I attended a Mike Mentzer seminar one time. It was actually a pretty small group so we had the opportunity to interact with Mentzer.

At that seminar Mike taught the following things:

  1. A calorie is a calorie no matter where it comes from. Tuna fish or a doughnut it matters not!

  2. One warm up set and then one set to failure is all you need-If you did more you were over training.

  3. The longer that you have been training the less sets you should perform and the more rest you needed.

  4. He confessed, while his muscles were not nearly as strong as they looked "like some Powerlifter" (his words), "who wants to look like a Powerlifter?"

There is much more that he taught in this priceless seminar, but I think you guys get the idea. And let me add that they would not allow me to get my money back....

It has already been stated that Mike Mentzer built his physique by using high sets. And basically doing what every other body builder of his day did. He came up with his "incredible" system a few years after his greatest body building victories.

The fact that he created this "Heavy Duty" system is a great credit to his business acumen. However, his system and, as far as I'm concerned, entire philosophy was and is basically very wrong minded.

In fact, one could make a very strong case that if you did the exact opposite of what Mentzer preached you would probably have much more success (not what he did, but what he preached).

Those who think that they can derive any sort of benefit from anything Mentzer has to say (I feel) are quite mistaken.


Look at most of the "hit jedi's" out there. I used to go on Cyberpump.com before they started charging for it, and most of the gurus didn't look like they even trained. The whole "calorie is a calorie" thing is rampant.


Bump.. thanks ZEB, that was much needed.

Well there you have it folks.