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Mike Mentzer Smoked, Damn!


Here's a good one about Mike Mentzer.



Cool article, thanks.


Your welcome.

So, how many of you out there smoke? Ciggs or do you cheif it out? How much a day?


Super smokin'!



LMAO!! Nice find there.


He then lit up, took and huge drag and said "I love it!"

Good Stuff.


You need to come off the meth somehow.


Mike was also an amphetamine abuser which may explain his extremely bizarre behavior at times. For example, he once attempted to direct traffic while naked.


He was committed to a psychiatric ward for a time too.


Is that right? I assume you have this on good authority. Like from the internet say?


anyone here ever have a hard time gettin off the weed. I wanna stop but just seems so tough. anybody got any advice?


I got my "inside info" from Flex when they did a 20 page "memorial" spread about him after he died.


You know how i did it, find the best fuken chron you can, buy like a quarter ounce, get a friend or 2 and smoke that shit, ull be so messed up ull promise yourself u'll never blaze again.


Weed is good, personal opinion though


thought stimulating article


Mentzer was wrong on just about everything that he made money on after his retirement.

I personally attended a seminar of his "back in the day" where we tried to tell us that "a calorie is just a calorie. Matters not if it comes from a Twinkie or a steak," he added.

I'm sorry for him and his family that he and his brother bothe met and early demise. But in all candor he was a world class nut case.


I always used to read those articles and imagine what holding a conversation with him might actually be like. Then I would laugh myself to sleep. Better than melatonin.


You guys don't get it. He put on 129lbs of muscle through HIT! You are missing the boat if you aren't doing HIT. And smoking. You should smoke too, because that apparently worked for him.


You forgot Ayn Rand. Unless you can relate everything you do to Fountainhead or Atlas Shrugged, it's probably not going to help your workout.