Mike Mentzer Complete Triceps Training History

I used to smoke cigarettes pre-workout, and pre-everything else. Thank God I gave them up 17 years ago.

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I used to talk to Mentzer on the phone during the 90s. Not knowing 100% if he smoked at that time, I could sense it.

My mother died of lung cancer at 47. She had been smoking two packs a day from the time she was 16.

POFsh Approach: Every other Push workout, I start with CGB, rack the bar, take 5 deep breaths, then do Medium-Grip (just wider than shoulders) Bench. 2-3 supersets.
I follow with DB or machine flyes. Then a do 2-3 sets of TX on a 45deg incline with either straight or EZ bar. Pushdowns, emphasizing the contraction 1/2 of movement, are my finisher.

I don’t know whether Mike was the first to get a perfect score at the IFBB Mr Universe.
But i can say with 100% certainty, it was not the only one.
In 1979 , both Renato Bertango and Roy Duval achieved perfect scores (this is documented in the Muscle Mag Annual of 1980 which posted the contest scorecards that year.).

Mark H

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