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Mike Mahler's Kettlebell Workshop

Hey guys. Last weekend I attended Mike’s kettlebell workshop, and let me tell you, I don’t remember having this much fun in a long time. If you live in the LA area, I suggest you check it out. He’s having another one on June 16th. Even if you’ve never held a kettlebell in your hand, you have every reason of going. After going over the excercises for three hours, followed by a workout, the muscles on my toes all the way to my upper back and neck felt really good! In my opinion, I think that everyone who is into strength training and bodybuilding should include kettlebell training in their workouts. The strength you gain can definatley carry over to your workouts, which can mean bigger lifts and bigger gains. One thing I’ve noticed for sure was how well I got in tune with my body as Mike put me through some advances lifts like the windmill and bent press. I think you guys (and gals) should give it a try. You won’t be dissapointed.