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Mike Mahler Workshop in Portland Oregon on June 21

Thanks to t-mag regular Patricia, we have a location for the Portland, Oregon Workshop. The workshop will be on June 21 and will be five hours long.

I will be going over: Kettlebell training in detail, Tornado ball training, Bodyweight drills and much more.

This is my first workshop in Portland, Oregon and I am looking forward to spreading the pain up north. For more information and to take advantage of pre-registrataion discounts, email me at mahler25@yahoo.com


Mike Mahler, Senior RKC(means that I have assisted in certifying other Kb instructors)

I’d like to add that if anyone needs to get directions to the gym (Jungle Gym) that this workshop will be held. Please PM me!

Looking forward to participating to this workshop as well as meeting other T-Maggers here in the NW!

Sounds great, just emailed you!

Patricia maybe we can lift a bunch of kettles, puke, then hit the Luck Lab, puke.

Rumbach: you’re on! :-))))

Definitely have those puke buckets ready as you will need them :slight_smile:


Just wanted to “bump” this up for others to see…