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Mike Mahler - the warrior diet

Have been using the search engine on this diet and your name came up alot. I am very interested in this diet and how it works. Are you still on it? and has it worked for you? How are your energy levels on this diet?

There’s lots of information on the Warrior Diet at the dragondoor forums. Currently I work about 30 hours a week, but I’m considering becoming a phlebotomist, which would have me working lots of hours and at strange times. The Warrior Diet would come in very handy then.

Months ago I tried the diet for 2 weeks and enjoyed it, although I didn’t really lose any weight. But, maybe I shouldn’t have had chocolate for dessert every night just because Ori said it was ok. :wink:

I was thinking of having some raw vegetables for breakfast and lunch, then do a workout and start eating heaps after that. What about on the days that you don’t workout, how do you go about eating?

I realize Mike likes this diet, but I think it’s important to note that every other T-mag writer and nutrition expert thinks it’s a joke.

See Shugart’s review of the book in one of the past “Stuff We Like” columns.

I used the WD (My version of it) for years and really liked it. However, this past December, I caught a horrible case of Pneumonia that prevented me from training for about 8 weeks. As a result, I lost a lot of size and strength. To get it all back, I started eating 6-7 times a day and got all the strength and size back quickly. Right now, I usually have 2 meals during the day, a shake after working out, and a big dinner. I like how it is going, so I am going to stick to it.

The WD is good if you want to be lean and strong, but definitely the wrong way to go if you want to pack on some size. Regardless, get the book or read the interviews at t-mag and mine at the code for more info.

Mike Mahler

Thanks for the great replies. I’m not really into gaining anymore mass, just strength, power and keeping myself lean. The reason that attracts me to this type of eating is getting back to a natural way of eating.
Mike do you think eating raw vegetables for breakfast and lunch with maybe a bit of protein, then after the workout have the shake and then heaps of carbs and protein?

I think that you are better off having almonds or some form of protein and fat during the day, then just eating raw veggies. Just have 1-2 small meals during the day, a post workout shake and a solid dinner.


Do you think it can be used for sport performance? Perhaps an athlete could carb up the day before an event, but then go back to eating the warriot diet during the week. Thoughts?

MM Just looked at both interviews, I’m even more impressed with the diet. Do you think you could give me a sample of a typical days diet for you?

I don’t agree with the criticism of the Worrior Diet, and it was criticized several times here. Basically, it all comes down to: you lose a lot of muscle with the fat. Funny, how the Fat Fast diet is so effective, even though, everyone admits, it will make you lose lots of muscle but it works, because you use androgens. Gee whiz, well, guess what? Why not use androgens on a Wrrior Diet? Worked for me beautifully - twice.

When doing the WD Ori recommends working out in the evenings. Do any of you have any experience with the WD and evening workouts?

Ranks, sounds like you are very interested in the WD. Go ahead and pick up Ori’s book for more info, sample diets etc.

Mike Mahler

I actually like the diet as well. I’ve done it a couple of different times for long periods and like it as a maintenance diet. As Mike mentioned I stayed lean and strong, neither losing or gaining fat. What I did like about it was I could eat some ice cream or chocolate each night, which I normally have to avoid to keep from gaining fat. Basically I had two shakes a day of just whey protein (low-carb grow) and water. Between 6-8pm I ate tons of protein, veggies and some ice cream or chocolate. I would get full, but feel empty again by bed time.

I like Magnus’ version of the diet. I think that the diet works better if you have some protein and fat during the day. This can be done easily without losing any of the undereating benefits during the day. Just have 1-2 protein shakes, some almonds etc.


I was on the Warrior Diet for about three weeks going into my last fight to stay lean… just wanted something new I guess, no other reason. Well, I loved it, I stayed lean, strong and best of all energy was never a problem. I enjoyed eating all that food at night. I quickly adapted to not eating during the day. I did start with a lunch then went straight through till dinner, after about a week I did the fast for a day until dinner. No problems what so ever. I also did a hybrid type warrior diet, where I would eat raw proteins midday around 1pm(chicken breast), then another around 4pm(Can of Salmon). I worked out at 6pm and was grubbing by 8-8:30pm. That worked out great as well, but I dropped after I felt nothing from the overfeeds. I could never feel satisfied mentally, I craved everything even though I was full. I do plan on going back on it though sometime in the future, with much more ambition to perform it perfectly, and not just curious. Check out Tim Patterson’s guide to warrior eating, in the past articles section.

Da Boxer

Beyond just the Warrior Diet, you could check out the Maximum Muscularity Thread and the Can You Gain Muscle and Lose Fat at the Same Time thread.

You’ll have a lot of reading, but our program in those threads takes advantage of underfeeding during the day, working out in the late afternoon/early evening and overfeeding post workout. It’s different than the Warrior diet, but it’s got some of the same concepts.

Thanks to everyone for the help.