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mike mahler - one rep at a time


I started incorporating that rep/set scheme you outlined on renegadetraining into my workouts this week. The CNS stimulation was ridiculous - I felt alright afterwards but I didn’t sleep for almost 34 hours following!!! Good lord.

Anyways, I’m wondering what might be a good approach to it? I was thinking about this:
Chins 10x1 w/ decreasing rests, Bench 10x1 with decreasing rest time, Bent Press 3x6 60sec rest, and Dumbbell Swings 2x20 60 sec rest. But, I’m not sure if I ought to do a split where I only do that once a week, or do it on M and F, with a heavy leg day on W? What factors should I consider in doing this - my goals are greater strength and athleticism.

Franks, glad that you liked the article and I have a similar one that will be on t-mag this week that is more targeted for the t-mation audience. Your program looks good. I would bench 2 times a weeek such as Monday And Thursday, do bent presses 2 times a week, chins 2 times a week, swings 2 times a week and then legs once a week. I have a sample program at my article at t-mag this week so check that out.

Thanks for the response Mike - I’m looking forward to reading the article and gaining more insight into these ideas. Incidentally - I’ve incorporated bridging into my daily routine at least 2 times a day for a couple minutes. I can’t help but notice that I feel a pretty good stretch in my hip flexors of all places - is that a sign of right or wrong technique?

I’d been using 5X5 and 10X3 with great results, so I really liked the article. I’m unclear about the reps it suggested, though. Do I do one rep at my 3RM, wait a minute, then repeat, for 10 reps? Once I can get the rest to 15 seconds, then I increase the poundage and start over?

Yes, you understood the article correctly. Let me know how it works for you.

Mike, I loved your new article so much I can hardly wait to get through my current training phase to try it out! This type of program will go over well on Saturday afternoons at the gym I belong to (the Portland chapter of the Oregon Strongmen Club is in full effect at that time)! I just wanted to say that you’re my new favorite writer, and thanks for the inspiration!

Chris, thanks a lot for the kinds words and please keep me updated with your progress on rest pause.

Franks, bridging really helps stretch just about every muscle in the body so your form is probably fine. Try bridging for three minutes before your next workout for an even greater CNS boost.

Thanks, I tried doing 10X1 for incline press, bentover rows, reverse curls, and skullcrushers (I did arms because I’m stubborn) tonight after my Saturday carb-up, and I’m impressed. Excellent idea, especially because the program is so easy to figure out. Great job.