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Mike Mahler on UK TV


Alright Mike, just wanted to let you know that you were on TV here this morning with Pavel showing off your kettlebell skills with a guy named Harvey (singer from 'so solid crew'). It mainly focused on Harvey and Pavel but you were in the background of pretty much every shot doing a few cleans and stuff, think it was about 4-5 mins long. Just wanted to let you know mate, Chris.


Really, pavel was training with Harvey from the so muppet crew? damn the one day i don;t watch t4 there's something good on!


T4 is brilliant, can't beat the Hollyoaks omnibus, damn those girls are fine!


I gotta say T4 is cool but there's been a girl injection in Neighbours too!


Yeah Neighbours has been looking up recently, that cindy bird toadie was dating was nice, though i dont think they'll be topping Nina anytime soon.


Delta goodrum - needs to be ruined period.

Dr Stu - I tried to PM you regarding our olympic workout interests. I didnt recieve your message till earlier this week - can you get in touch?

I heard about it in work - my respect for harvey has gone up considerably - what exactly were they selling/showing?!

UK guys - do you think it pains how theres so little in the way of t-mag stuff for us here - has anyone heard of any of the contributors doing seminars and such like over here?



I sent you a couple of emails over the weekend, if you didn't get them let me know and i'll resend them.Cant take up your offer for the mo as writing my thesis up and boss is killing me! but as soon as i've moved into new house (1st july) we can get something sorted out.

i know that there were a few seminars held in london but the costs were massively inhibiting! just like supplement costs.

I'd choose Susan Kennedy any day of the week!!!!!:wink:))


Susan Kennedy over Nina! What about both? :slightly_smiling:

As for seminars and stuff maybe someone should set up one of them T-cell things, reeks of fight club if you ask me but you never know, T-mag might send over a contributor or some t-shirts or maybe cut us a deal on supps, who knows.


yeah but where would we al meet, Birmingham! which is supposedly the midde of the country or wethervy near leeds which is exactly half way between london and edinburgh.

if it got us cheap supplements then that would be good, maybe tc or tim would like to send us some promotional stuff to get us rolling (hint, hint if you read this!)

must admit that the last time i swa neighbours was when carl was prancing around in shorts, uggh, have to finish my thesis so i can go home and catch up on the totty injection, even though seeing elize du toit on sunday hollyoaks made bed worth staying in!!


Yeah, we should try and get something togeather - if not just an excuse to get messy! Seriously though, T0-mag has the same UK people always popping up on this board, we should get something togeather and see what the t-mag boys could sort out for us, I know biotest isnt plugged as much as it should be here, most of the stuff you get in GNC isnt really that good, I can only find it in specialist gym shops. Should we start a separted thread?!

Susan kennedy - you people are all terribly wrong, no one can truly replace madge, or perhaps bouncer.... :wink:

btw - DrStu, you got mail


Neighbours is shite..

Hollyoaks is pretty crap as well, but like you've mentioned the women are mighty fine..

Whereabouts is everyone in the UK? I'm from South West England. I think the majority are Midlands or North.

Wasn't there a bloke called Beni who went to train with Dave Tate and Louie Simmons for a while and then came back to open a gym in Birmingham...???

Don't know what supplements you guys get but I use Dorian Yates stuff, mainly because of finances.

Don't know if there would be enough interest for one of the guru's to come over for a seminar.

Do any of you guys constantly recommend T-Mag to your mates and training acquaintances but no-one ever trys it out. It does my head in, instead they'll go to getbig.com or bodybuilding.com which is cack..

Anyone else in the UK..??



The location issue is a problem, maybe we could do it by correspondance or something. Would we be be the first international T-cell thing? Maybe they'd give us something special for it, or cut us some slack on not being able to meet up.


OK we have to admit that neighbours is crap or we'll never advance as a country! (or is that we have to admit that tony blair's a knob?)

With all this work on at the mo i'd forgotten that Beni was gonna open his gym, maybe birmingham would be good place to meet, just have to suffer the virgin train journey there! I was thinking of trying westside after i get rid of my fatside! first.

as for supplements the only one i use at the mo is whey powder (?100 for 20kg and according to the UV speck i did on it at work it's pretty damn pure, geek i know) MD6 was absolutely brilliant but know that has gone the way of the DODO and we'll have to use green tea extract ot spironet instead!

i'm from the north and don;t know about the rest of you bu Leeds is just too warm for my liking! but at least there are loads of sexy girls to look at in summertime.

as for seminars i could just imagine the scene if we got CT or someone else across, there would be about four f us sitting there having personal coaching, sounds ideal, who's paying?

could be the first international T-cell, sounds cool to me we should try and arrange something, 'l do something after i've written this damn thesis, spent so much time on my arse that i've got a cauliflower arse at the mo.

Beni, you get MD6 at all? and what are your prices more than happy to put business your way.



This is cool..

DrSTU - I agree with you regarding the interest over here. I don't know what it is with people, there's so much info here at T-mag, but everyone I try to get interested just keep their heads in the sand..

Beni - how's the gym coming together then..?? It was quite a while ago that you mentioned starting it. Will it be an official Westside UK..? If so would Dave and Louie ever be coming over..?

Chris Uk - Dannyboy and John Gullick - whereabouts are you from..??

How many people are there from the UK then..?

Maybe we should start another thread. I would like to meet up with everyone but I work weekends sometimes and spend a lot of time with the wife and baby boy..

Birmingham isn't too far for me, just along the M4 up the M5, M6 I think and we're there..

I've never been to Leeds, hear a lot about it from Chris Moyles.. haha..

I'd have to check with the wife with regard to meeting up etc.. (yes that's right, she wears the trousers..)

Shall we start another thread..?? Or do the rest of you guys know everyone else in the UK..?



DrSTU - where do you get 20Kg of protein for 100quid...??

I would definitely be interested in some of that..





Im from the southwest, so Birmingham wouldnt be too far for me to travel. I think we should start a dedicated thread for this just in case theres other UK'ers out there and to get some input from CS (think hes the guy who sorts this stuff out). Its starting to sound like we got a plan, anyone want to take it upon themselves to be group leader?
I think this'll have to be in the future, like August time, to let everyone organise themselves, and to let me get some money together, im one of them skint student types whos broke :slight_smile:


skint student types, bah. kidding it doesn't change when you do a PhD either, you're just as poor but with a lot more work to do.

the protein powder i was talking about comes from wheyconsortium. i'm also waiting to hear from someone about trade price raw materials so if i can get hold of those i'll let people know.


Howdy folks, sorry about late reply - turned 23 on tuesday and been working all hours i can get my hands on - brassic!

Im originally from somerset (near Bristol) but have been transplanted via the medium of university to leeds close to where DrStu lives.

Birmingham would be fine for me, train ride wouldnt be too bad, but leeds i must say (especially headingly) the best bars/attractive people - if you like that kind of thing - ive ever been. Late August would be fine for me, currently dieting so dont want to look like a lard ass :wink:

Seminar wise, no one would be there i agree - I try get people to just have a look around, but i reckon the name scares half of them off - muppets! However till lately i have been sporadic on the forum, and I didnt know of this gym. I like where I train but the word 'hardcore' couldnt exactly be used to describe it, westside has always fascinated me, but it sucks to try in a normal gym as there just aint the gear you need

I think ive seen a couple others from the UK posting, but there aint that many.

I think we should try get a few more names, then start our own UK thread, good idea?


Dannyboy - Where abouts did you hail from then..? I live in Midsomer Norton, as you used to be not far from Bristol, thought you might know it.

DrSTU - I pm'ed you but I don't think they work.. I was just asking about the whey stuff you bought - Good quality..??

It appears that we have about six UK members that post, in this post anyway..

John Gullick

There might be lurkers also. What say we start another post entitled UK T-Cell or whatever, see if we get some other UK chaps posting as well. We can then get an idea as to how many there will be for a possible meet..

I'd say that Birmingham might be the best place, we can go to Beni's gym perhaps and go Westside as Ali G might say..