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Mike Mahler Kettlebell Workshops in DC/VA in October

Just a reminder that I will be doing two five hour kettlebell workshops in October in Alexandria, VA.

The first workshop will be on October 11th and will be for beginners.

The second one will be on October 18th and will be for advanced trainees.

For more info, email me at mahler25@yahoo.com


Mike Mahler

Sounds awesome… Anyone from the forums planning to attend? Maybe we can put something together as far as a T-cell gathering. Something other than eating at a restaurant.
What day is your 30th??? Happy early Birthday!!!
Mike will you PM me price details and stuff.

Solo’s Girl

I’ll be there & looking forward to it since I’d like something a little fresher than the regular gym routine.

Cool! I wonder if anyone else is planning to attend.
Also, anyone interested in getting together afterwards?

Solo’s girl,

I always get together with the participants after the workshop at my friend Jim Tirey’s house who hosts my workshop right across the street from him.

I will be 30 on Monday October 6th but will be in NYC untill the 10th, then I off to DC to unleash the Mahler wrath :wink:


This sounds like a great opportunity for a WashDC area T-cell get together!

People, email me at mahler25@yahoo.com for pricing info and location.


Mike Mahler

Sorry I couldn’t make it Mike. How’d it go?

Dang it!
Not sure how I missed this thread back in Sept. I would have loved to attend that beginners workshop.

PS: Mike, I have to tell you about the ZMA induced dream I had involving you and the indo board. ;o)

Maybe next workshop?

Anyone that attended please tell us about it!!

Ah crap. I missed the 11th one. :frowning:

So anyone up for a T-cell meeting on 18th w/ Mike Mahler as the honorary guest again?

ARG. I can’t make the 18th. How about a few days later?