Mike Francesa's


Snatch Grip Rack Pull from Shins
Wave 1: 205x3, 225x2, 245x1
Wave 2: 225x3, 245x2, 265x1
Wave 3: 245x3, 265x2 (failed with one complete rep)

Notes: I wanted to use straps, but had trouble getting the second strap on nicely after the first one. Also, should I not increase by 20 lbs and maybe only by 10?

Barbell Rowing
Wave 1: 95x3, 115x2, 135x1
Wave 2: 115x3, 135x2, 155x1
Wave 3: 135x3, 155x2 (failed with 2 bad half reps)

Wide Grip Seated Rows
180x1, 120x6, 185x1, 140x6, 190x1, 160x5

Notes: Heavy singles real tough had to cheat through these on form. Could not get to 6 reps on the last set.

PM Session was significantly harder than I expected it to be.

Chest supported row: 6x6 with minimum rest (30 seconds with focusing on squeezing the muscle). I only did a 45 lb plate, but by the end it felt challenging. I don’t think I could have done more.

Inverted Row: 6x6 (again with minimum rest using 45 lb plate). I was only able to get 6 reps through the first 3 sets and after it was 4, 3, and maybe 2. At the end of the last set I tried to do maximum reps with only body weight and failed miserably only completing 1.

Wide grip Chin ups: 6x6 (min rest). I should have likely done these first. Did body weight and only completed 1 set and then realized this wasn’t going to happen. I tried to replace it with wide grip lat pull downs but again wasn’t feeling it.

I ended the session by sprinting on the treadmill a quarter of a mile and doing 25 v sit ups. I did this twice.


Floor Press
Wave 1: 185x3, 205x2, 225x1
Wave 2: 205x3, 225x2, 235x1
Wave 3: 225x3 (completed only 2 reps)

Low Incline DB Press
Wave 1: 60x3, 65x2, 70x1
Wave 2: 65x3, 70x2, 75x1
Wave 3: 70x3, 75x2, 80x1

Bench Press
1x225 superset with 6x175
1x230 (had some help out of the bottom) superset with 3x185 (wanted 6 here)
1x225 (struggled, but did it myself) superset with 4x175 (wanted 6 )

PM Session

Bench Press
175x6 (rest 30 sec), 175x6 (rest 30 sec), 175X4 165x2 (rest 30 sec), 165x3 155x3 (rest 30 sec), 155x4 135x2 (rest 30 sec), 135x6

Nautical Wide Grip Bench Press
125 x 6 (30 sec rest between sets)

DB Flyes
35x3 (30 sec rest between sets)
DB Press
35x3 (30 sec rest between sets)

Sprint quarter of a mile


Not overly pleased with this session.

Stiffed Leg Dead-lifts
Wave 1: 135x3, 155x2, 175x1
Wave 2: 155x3, 175x2, 195x1
Wave 3: 175x3, 195x2, 215x1
Wave 4: 195x3, 215x1 (end of wave)

Cleans from Blocks (over estimated myself here maybe because my upper body is sore… any reason why CT would list this for legs in his black book of secrets?)
Wave 1: 115x3, 135x2, 145x1
Wave 2: 135x3, 145x1 (end of wave)

Jump Squat with DB
60x1, 30x6, 65x1, 35x6, 70x1, 40x6

PM Session

All sets follow 30 seconds rest

Leg Press (3 45’s per side)

Hamstring Curl (Weight Setting #8)

Iso Leg Extension Free Weight (25 lb per side)

Not feeling very mobile right now!


Push Press (as per the amount of waves, I started to light here)
Wave 1: 95x3, 105x2, 115x1
Wave 2: 105x3, 115x2, 125x1
Wave 3: 115x3, 125x2, 135x1
Wave 4: 125x3, 135x2, 145x1
Wave 5: 135x3, 145x2, 155x1
Wave 6: 145x3, 155x1 (end of wave)

The Z Press
Wave 1: 95x3, 105x2, 115x1
Wave 2: 105x3, 115x2, 125x1
Wave 3: 115x3, 125x1 (end of wave)

Seated BB military press SS w/ DB Press
155x1, 50x6
160x1, 55x6
165x1(partial rep), 60x4


Behind the neck pull down w/ 120 lbs setting…6 sets with 30 seconds of rest between

DB press w/ 40lbs… 6 sets with 30 seconds of rest between

6 front raises with 25 plate followed by 10 lateral raises w/10 lb db’s x 4

Legs aching after the push press from earlier.

CONDITIONING: Farmers walk 60 lb db’s and abs