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Mike Bridges Squats & Totals IPF M2



this really caught my eye. I just want to say that IMO this is almost a better lift than Louie Simmons 900 squat, only because this was in single play, and he was natural, because I think they do test in this fed, and yes I know louie is 61 and this guy is 52, but Louie is on test, and this guy isnt. GREAT WORK MIKE


So, is mike bridges a bodybuilder as well? Because if he isn't, then I think you may want to post this in strength sports rather than bodybuilding.


aww fuck


(if it helps: I still find the whole thing very impressive)

Mods will probably move the thread, they usually do.

Edit: Thread has been moved, thanks mods.


mike bridges has some very impressive numbers. i read somewhere he is undefeated.