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Mike Boyle Road Trip


Hey Guys,

I am going to Mike Boyle's mentorship on October 8th. First off, is anybody else here going? Secondly, does anybody who regularly makes the trip up through the northeast (I will be going through new jersey to boston) have any rec's about the best way to get there on a sunday (I am leaving around 2:30 p.m.).

I would also like to know if you have any suggestions as to where to stop to eat on the way up. I checked several websites including chowhound.com and roadfood.com but they both seemed to be geared towards junk food.

Mike Cruickshank


Once you get through NYC into Connecticut, get on RT 15 (Merritt Parkway and Wilbur Cross Parkway) to Route 84, to the Mass Pike into Boston, instead of Route 95.


Hi Loose Tool,

I asked about a dozen people at work who commute up to that area and they all agreed that is exactly the way to go. Thank you very much.

People also said I should go eat at legal seafood, though I have never heard of them before. Supposedly they have one right up in woburn where I am staying.

Mike Cruickshank