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Migrating Acne?

So I was recently on a blast (my second “real” blast since being on TRT), and I noticed something weird.

First blast (Test E 500mg, Dbol 15mg) I got acne on my back and a little on my upper shoulders, as so many do. Went away after cycle. Cool.

This blast (Test E 500mg, Tbol 40mg) I started breaking out on my upper shoulders and my chest, with very few spots on my back.

It’s like my back got tired of breaking out and shift changed with my front.
Whats the deal? Anyone else get this?
Should I expect to break out on my belly next blast? :laughing:

Omg I did dinabol a while back for 1 week. My whole back arms broke out. I needed to go on antibiotics. Ever since then I no longer used it. It took me 2 months antibiotics to rid of them.

Yah, I was lucky I only did a light dose- otherwise it could’ve been bad. Took about three months to go away too…