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Might want to try it!

Last night I decided that I just had an urge to add 25 lbs to my deadlifts and lift it no matter what. Bear in mind that up to this point I was doing 250 6x5. My PR was putting up 275. So I added the weight and did 275 5x5 and then 300 1x3 before my grip went out on me. I feel like a frickin animal!

So maybe if you’re at a plateu then you should just take a couple days off then just add another 20-30lbs and just lift it. No excuses, just pick the damn weight up. I know I suprised myself. Maybe you’ve got a lot more than you give yourself credit for.

Btw, what are decent DL numbers for a guy at 155lbs?


800 would be a pretty decent number!

everyone on this board should be DL and squating 2 x their body weight

i dont know but 300 for a guy 155 (without gear?) is pretty good… thats 2x BW

I’d say that is pretty damn good for a 155 pounder you can always improve. Good work man!

My DL PR at a weight of 152 (no belt or straps, just chalk) is 375. 5x5 at 275 and 1x3 at 300 kicks ass. What is your 1 rep max?

Keep adding weight.

aaronm–no idea what my max is. I’m with you on the no belt or straps though, though every couple days someone comes up to me and tells me I’m going to hurt myself if I don’t use one. Unfortunately my squat and bench are both sitting at 165 and 145 6x5 respectively. Unsat.


For deadlift a “decent” poundage can be:
150-175% of bodyweight for 15-20 reps.
So, at 155 lbs, your DL poundage is good.

Deadlift for 20 reps? Seems a little high to me, I never do anything more than multiple sets of singles in DL…

Yea, I just starting squating and benching consistantly a few months ago so they suck. 275 box squat (haven’t tried a free squat max yet and I’m in no hurry) and 205 bench.

You are right. Usually I perform 1-3 reps for DL as well. I simply reported what I read on a paper containing “decent poundages” for the main lifts. Anyway there is a load conversion chart, for reps between 1 and 20, by Maurice & Ridlin. These charts may help when changing the number of reps.

Great pull with the deadlift but your bench & squat is stuck at 165?