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Midwest Strength & Fitness Fest 2012

Thought people may be interestedâ?¦

Jason Bever is setting up what is being called the Midwest Strength and Fitness Fest at the Hidden Cove Sportsplex, Bourbonnais, IL, July 28th, 2012.
Venue website: hcsportsplex.com

There will be…

Strongman: Midwest Strongest Man (ILSA/Tony Soucie)
Powerlifiting (USPF/Lance Karabal)
Grappling (non-sanctioned/Doug Keast)

Wrestling-Vladimir Anoshenko
BJJ- Christian Uflacker
Boxing- Thomas Hayes
Strength and Conditioning- Dave McGrew

Youth Fitness Area
NFL Combine Experience (for high school athletes)

Potential Seminars:
Kali- Joe Goytia
Youth Martial Arts Demos
Crossfit Demo

If you have any questions regarding the Midwest Strength and Fitness Fest you may contact Jason Bever at jtbever@aol.com

Jason asked us to host a Strongman meet for the Midwest Strength and Fitness Fest. Full disclosure: this is NOT a NAS meet.

Basic info:
Midwest Strongest Man 2012
Start time: 3pm
Indoor venue

Weight classes: 200, 231, 265, 266+, Open Teen.
All weight classes will use the same weights, this way we will be able to have an overall winner, regardless of bodyweight. Everyone has an equal chance for the title.

Log Press: max
Tire Flip: 650ish
Farmers Hold: 275 for time
Keg Carry: 260 and 300
Atlas Stones: 4 stone (225, 260, 300, 335), 4â?? platform.
Stone notes: No tacky allowed (The Sportplex does not wish to have the sticky stuff everywhere, sorry. Our set stones do have a good texture and grip to them though.

If you have questions concerning the Midwest Strongest Man, free to contact me at anna_tony@sbcglobal.net .
Thanks and take care,
Tony Soucie

Fuck yeah. I was planning for a contest in Wisconsin around this time, but my uncle who was competing is moving to Alaska. If all goes well I’m going.

Jason Bever has just informed me that the Midwest Strength and Fitness Fest has been cancelled due to fiscal concerns.
We are however still going to host a smaller strongman meet the same day (july 28th) at our place (St. Anne) instead of the Sportsplex. This way if anyone wishes to compete that day they will still have a chance. More info will be posted on our site www.ilstrongman.com soon.