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Midwest Doctor Preferred, Suggestions?

any doctors in Midwest that are great with working with out of state primary doctors and mail you your prescriptions? ive called most places in st.louis area by me and im not feeling like im getting anywhere here. I cant afford to go out of state too often. I will travel anywhere in the states for my health but without money down the road I wont be. I would prefer staying under 7 hours drive but I will travel anywhere for a first visit. im off work all winter due to the way my job is. my doctors I have don’t seem to want me to take less more often. once a week is lowest they’ll go and my doctor has no idea what to do about my crashed estrogen. I need someone with a lot of knowledge. so any doctor recommendations are appreciated. So if you got a doctor thats working with you and your life is back to normal and your levels are great please help me get mine back normal by pointing me in the right direction. Nobody can care about my health as much as me. I get that. But i got to have a doctor to get my meds and labs

No need to travel, Defy Medical offers telemedicine. They mail you everything and consults are done over the phone or Skype.

However they don’t take insurance, getting competent care under insurance for TRT is a long shot.

Thanks. How does the labs work? Right now im paying out of pocket for treatment but my insurance covers lab work only. Do i just find a primary doctor that does labs here?

You go to labcorp the usual way, you may be able to get insurance to reimburse you for labs. I’m paying for everything expect the testosterone enanthate, I get that from my endo and take advice from Defy and any other services I need.

My endo’s are useless for directing my TRT protocol, when I was on a 3.5 day protocol and experiencing swings of highs and lows, he wanted me to use androgel in between injections. He couldn’t even suggest moving injections closer together for an every 2 day protocol, that’s how clueless they are.

My endo just retired, I just tell my new endo I’m injecting 35mg every 2 days incase I need a dosage increase, I don’t have to fight for it.

Very good info. Does this place mail prescriptions then? How much does labwork cost if you don’t mind me asking

Absolutely, you can choose faster delivery if you wish. It’s $250 for the first consultant, labs is another $250 and medications which are filled by Empower Pharmacy.

New patient evaluation is $250, initial charge only. Initial labs is $250. Follow up consultation $120 Up to 45 min, Mid-Level Follow-Up $90 15 minor consult, Nurse RN follow-up $45 15 min consult. Once you are dialed in to your TRT protocol, you won’t need a 45 min consult.

It’s pay as you go, no need to pay all up front, I paid the evaluation $250, labs $250 and medication. Then at the 3 month follow up (optional) $120 and adjustments to my TRT protocol were made.

Depending on if HCG and estrogen blockers are used, it averages out to $1200-$2000 yearly for everything. Yearly costs drop after the first year do to the initial consult going from $250-$120. I recommend starting TRT in isolation without a bunch of other chemicals to simplify dialing in.

You want Dr. Saya until you dial everything in, then you can switch to mid level doctors to cut costs.

Office hours has been increased to morning through late evenings which is convenient if you work days (8-5pm).

Thank you so much for your help. I truly feel like your saving my life im paying about 1600 a year now for treatment that isnt working. 100 a month for testosterone plus 4 doctor visits a year thats 100 each. So that’s not bad.

You’re welcome. It’s the cheapest place around and the doctors know what the heck they’re doing!

You can’t get that level of care anywhere for the cost.

Telemedicine is the future.

I just want to thank you again for helping me. i called defy medical. just by the way they acted over the phone it sounds like im in good hands. I’m doing blood work today. I gotta have a physical and next week i should be speaking with doctor Justin saya.

Just wondering what you would do. I have my physical next tuesday January the 15th before I can speak to dr. Justin saya. However my appointment will probably be 5 dats after the 15th or mayne 6 being the following monday the guy said. My weekly injection is in two days the 10th. My dosage is wrong. 125mg a week is too high I think. If you were me would you just skip that injection until I speak to the doctor or is it worse to skip it? Try injecting half the syringe and get some T instead of none? Just dont know what to do

Reduce the dosage to 100mg, that’s should calm things down until your consult.