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Midway Through First Cycle, Wanna Cruise Until September

Hi all,

I am currently halfway through my test e (600mg/week) 10week cycle, frontloaded with dbol, which is also my first ever injectable run, after few ph/ds/oral cycles. Btw, I’m 27, 80kgs, 10-12% bf, been training for 7 years, 4 of which with proper nutrition/training regimes.

The original plan was (is) to finish it off with winny, add some ibutamoren after last pin and dive into pct, BUT, I just booked my holiday in Greece for the first week in September and obviously wanna look good.

My question is: how can I approach this? I am considering doing a TRT cruise (150-250mg/week of test e) until mid July and then do a mini cut blast (timed so that last pin coincides with departures eve), as I wouldn’t have enough time to come off, let hpta recover and hop back on cycle before going away.

What would you guys do? Also, if you would do the cruise+summer blast, would you use HCG? How would you dose/time that?

cheers guys!