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Midol for bloating?

Hey t-men. I was telling my girlfriend some of the side effects of Sus.,D-bol, deca cycle I started and told her that I might get a bit bloated. She said why don’t I take midol? She said when she is bloated from her period, she takes it and notices a big difference. Would this help in a guys situtation too? Being a guy and new to the chemical world,I don’t know much about this. Yes I know enough to be on, I researched over a year before I went on.

Midol? Well, Midol is just acetminophen (Tylenol), caffeine, pamabrom (diuretic), and pyrilamine maleate (antihistamine). Unless pamabrom is an amazing diuretic Midol would probably be no better than caffeine, danadelion, uva ursi, etc…