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Midnight Move theory


Don’t forget to tell everyone about your Midnight move theory and how it carries over to super strength training :wink:

Mike Mahler

Oh yeah, midnight move baby! The midnight move refers to the way the hips should function while performing an explosive lift such as a power clean, power snatch or kettlebell lift. The hips start far back (hamstrings are stretched) once that the bar or bell passes the knees you whip your hips forward and up as powerfully as possible to created bar momentum. The image I give my athlete is to imagine that they are having sex doggy style… hence the term midnight move.

Would this be an example of the midnight move?

Too fast and not enough hip extension, work on those hamstrings BTW.

thats fucking hilarious.

So if I meet a girl tonight, I get to avoid doing power cleans today? Talk about efficiency!


Okay, a serious question.

Is the midnight move also used in for the jerk/push press/power jerk?

Yes, I realize the words “jerk” and “midnight move” in the same sentence make this appear to be another joke but it really is a serious question.

Ha ha, too funny. Mike, the midnight move is not used in the jerk or push press to the same degree as swings, cleans, and snatches, but you do drive through forcefully and lock out to get the weight overhead.

Mike Mahler