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Midnight Eating?

I have developed an eating habit and I am wondering if it is truly helping or hindering my gain. When I was trying to gain weight I would eat a large meal in the middle of the night.

Now I am trying to lose fat while maintaining muscle mass so I eat a small snack at 4:00am. I am attempting to keep constant protein available to retain muscle, but does this hinder any fat burning that may take place over night? I take 60-80 grams of casein protein right when I go to sleep.

Its not a bad idea as long as you are making progress. Are you losing fat?? If no then total intake during the day Needs to be lowered or activity raised


In an ideal world you could sleep and have IV BCAAS. 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep should be your primary goal at night. Cut your fluids to a minimum 2 hours before going to sleep or take ZMA if needed to accomplish this.

You are already getting your casein.

If you really have to be up and are bulking eat, and if you are cutting and have extra money pop a couple of BCAA pills.