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Middle of the Night Shake


Anyone think this makes any difference? I ask simply because I normally wake up in the middle of the night to pee anyway so I figured maybe I should just down a shake real quick while I'm at it. Who's tried this and found it useful?

Currently I've been lifting for about a year, I'm 6'5", 220 lbs, up from 195. I've always found it hard to put on weight (I'm eating 4,000 clean calories/day, with 250g protein already).

Right now I lift after work, have my shake, wait an hour, have 5 eggs and a casein shake and then hit the sack.

Any opinions are appreciated.


Considered good as long as you don't wake yourself up specifically to do it I believe. I don't know, if I were you I'd probably just have 5g of BCAAs or something - easier to sleep on.


I'd skip the shake and go for the Aminos. Quicker, does the job and you don't have to run to the fridge!!


Any chance to eat should be taken especially when it's only a few hours after you've trained. Pre make your shake and leave it either next to your bed or in your bathroom. Something like 40-50 grams of a protein blend would be just fine. The chances of your body storing this as fat a few hours after (hopefully) intense training is pretty slim, so bottoms up.

Whether or not it's right I always like to think of these things as very long term brick by brick scenarios. Let's say you get this one extra "meal" in everyday of the week. . Over a year thats 365 feedings or roughly 60 extra days worth of eating(at 6 meals a day) you have over the guy next to you who didn't do this. A two month head start on everyone around you. Now someone is going to come here and say how that's bullshit ha, but I believe these little things add up. It's not imperative to gains but if you are struggling to get in the calories during the day having them at night is certainely an option that has worked for many.


I've been hitting the shakes in the wee hours of the morning. When ever I get up to take a leak I stop by the fridge where there's one already mixed. I slam it take a leak and go back to bed. Sometimes I hit aminos instead.


Yeah I was thinking it's a good idea because it's so close to my training.

I figure I've really got nothing to lose in doing this (except maybe some wasted protein) so why the hell not..

Hopefully I find it easy to fall back asleep...thanks gentlemen.


when I'm trying to gain size, I usually mix up a casein shake and leave it in the fridge and as i always wake up around 3 am to pee, i just gulp it down with a few fish oil caps and get back to bed.


what kind of carbs are in these shakes youre making after your workout?

i ask b/c it doesnt seem like youre eating very much after your workouts. on the other hand, 600+ calorie shakes arent uncommon.


My shake is actually quite sad at this point. Only around 350 calories, but I also have 6 peices of white bread, followed by a meal an hour later.