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MIddle of Forearm Pain

Im having some pain right in the middle of my forearm bone which is a similar feeling to shin splints; It started when I began doing barbell curls, so I switched to ez-curls, which almost hurts even worse. Does anybody know what I can do or how I can relieve/prevent the pain? it’s in my left arm. It feels like it’s in the muscle/tissue surrounding the ulna bone and it hurts A LOT after doing curls especially and releasing your grip on the weights and again,the pain is caused only when Im doing curls and its even worse when I release the bar after the curl. If anyone has any ideas how to remedy this I would be extremely grateful - it’s REALLY starting to affect my lifting and I cant do any curls anymore

I’ve been dealing with this same issue for almost six months now, I’ve seen physical therapists and occupational therapists. So far nothing. They’ve all given heir two cents but really can’t tell me much about it. The most I got was that basically the muscle lining is pulling from the muscle. Ive tried MFR, rest, even series of extensive dry needling and nothing has helped. Probably not the best idea, but I’ve just been training through it. My forearm is at the point that its pretty tired and taking a beating, but I honestly think it could just be the nerve. It doesn’t stop me from training for stop megrim progressing, it just hurts.