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Middle/Lower Trap Growth


Hey all, firstly, this isn't about the upper traps, but the middle and lower fibres. Im aware of their functions (scapula retraction + depression), however, is this the only way for them to grow? I know we have shrugs for upper traps and some variations like dip shrugs that tend to target the other fibres. But for most growth, such as scapula retraction during rows, is that the way to make them grow? Isometrically? As their function is to move the scapula, it has to be moved in order for them to grow?

If you don't retract your shoulder blades your middle traps won't grow, am i correct in stating this, it would seem so from experience.

Also im guessing with optimal trap development, i'll feel less of the scapula and more muscle as the area is covered.


What the fuck is this?!

Goddammit, just do heavy shrugs, dumbbell flyes and rows and your traps will be just fine.

Is this trap overanalysis week?


Would you expect your biceps to grow without moving your biceps?


HAHA.. I was about to say the same thing.

I usually don't care how many threads are started on the same topic but at this very moment, the first four threads on this forum apart from the stickies are 2 trap threads and 2 DC threads.

You don't even need the search function.


Cleans brah, lots of cleans. and pullups


Sorry if it has been talked of before, but i was just trying to confirm if the only way the lower and middle parts of the traps work if the scapula is either retracted or depressed as i haven't had that area develop and it is lagging behind.

And mostly because my shoulder health isn't in that good shape.


Thats not it. A lot of older posters here are finding that people are trying to split the atom.

It's not rocket surgery.

Lift heavy, eats lots, get lots of rest.

If you where a pro bodybuilder, working on a lagging part, maybe it would be a good question. Apart from that:

Lift heavy, eats lots get lots of rest.


Hai guyz!

I have a lower/middle trap imbalance. The upper right trap is fine.

Is this an issue?

It seems the lobsters could just crawl right out.....


Im mostly concerned as i am having shoulder problems..


Then, get your shoulder fixed and fuck the traps.


I'm not gonna fuck any traps if they have lobsters in them


No, i feel the cause of my shoulder problems is an imbalance from undeveloped low/mid traps.


That doesn't really make sense, for the record, from a physiological standpoint.

You're obsessing over small things. Get bigger and stronger everywhere, everything will fall into place.


if you've got the standard impingement from too much pressing/anterior delt work, then more rows and scapula retraction would probably help

but it sounds like you can't retract your shoulderblades?? that sounds like something more serious, and you should try to see a therapist...


Yeah during heavy rows earlier i had trouble retracting my shoulder blades, but i managed, it's something im not used to doing.


apparently yes


I think you just need to work on the mind muscle connection to your traps. All I did in the beginning was practice retracting and depressing my shoulder blades. Now I feel my back no matter what. Work on the connection and work hard on the rows (and everything else).


For some people it helps to think more in terms of opening and puffing out your chest than retracting scapulae but keep practicing either way.


Alright I'll continue to work on the M2M connection, thanks mate.


Add these to your warm up: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QzLwH-i0vLk