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Middle East Rundown

While you guys are busy with Shillary and The Donald, some very exciting stuff is happening in the Middle East.

I’ve created this thread to recap some of the more fascinating stuff.

  1. Iran now controls Lebanon after staging a spectacular political victory and putting a Hezbollah backed candidate as President. The Saudis admitted that, withdrawing their ambassador and disengaging from the country.

The two thousand three hundred year old dream of interrupted sliver of territory from Zargoz mountains to Mediterranean is now tantalizingly close for Iran. Ever since that pesky Macedonian Alexander the Great destroyed their Empire they’ve been looking for revenge and an opportunity to regain their lost prestige.

Talk about a long game.

  1. The only obstacle in their push to the Mediterranean is Mosul and the sunnis around Mosul - ISIS. Therefore, Hezbollah and their franchise Iraqi militias and starting their offensive again ISIS (the Western media will call them “Iraqi Army”) with the Kurds who apparently cut a deal with the shias.

And with a surreal twist, Hezbollah is going to battle brandishing their US weapons and equipment, with under the cover of US air support.

  1. While Iran is on the verge of a millennial victory (actually, two millennia), trouble is brewing back home. A top Quran reader and a close confidant of the Ayatollah has been accused of molesting teenage boys, which sent shockwaves through the country. This is a huge problem for the regime - if the victims were female, they would already be flogged and imprisoned, but these are sons of prominent hardliners, supposed future stars of the regime and their accusation cannot be brushed aside. So much for moral superiority over the “decadent West”

While this may seem as your regular run-of-the-mill shouting ME pastime, this is something completely different and extremely dangerous for the regime. Iranians gathering around the tomb of Cyrus the Great, grandfather of Xerxes and the king who brought them to the shores of the Mediterranean in 6th century BC (see point one).

From an islamic standpoint, this is a huge problem as Cyrus died 1100 years before islam and is therefore idolatrous.

They’re chanting “Cyrus is our father”, “No Gaza, No Lebanon”. It means we don’t give a fuck about Palestinians, Jews and Israel nor lofty islamic goals, we’re Persians not Muslims .

Allegedly, a much more subversive chant was heard - “fuck the Arabs and their religion”

Interesting times ahead.


loppar, I am a British Iranian and I can say that you have a good understanding of what makes the Iranian people tick and what their sentiment is towards to current politics.

Thank you for saying it how it is.



Thanks, loppar.