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Middle Delts Every Day?

Hi Chris,

I recently read your article about training biceps everyday, and I’m wondering if the same method can be applied to delts with lateral raises.

If so, would you use the same rep scheme as with biceps?


Maybe you can do something like this :
Day 1 : lateral raises / heavy ( cheat reps with controlled negatives )
Day 2 :lateral raises 5x20 w/ relatively light weight (volume)
Day 3 : lateral raises (cable) 4x10 ( moderate weigth )
Day 4 : isometric lateral exercices and elastic band lateral raises for active recovery
Repeat …

In my opinion if you are doing squat//deadlift having relatively sore lateral delts might not have the biggest negative effect on your performance ;
But if you are doing bench press / overhead press I recommend you to perform the easiest (for you) of the four days on those days and not going to hard the day before your compound pushes

Lateral raises may involve trap activation ,more or less, depending on how you execute them ,
sore traps can negatively impact your pull days and compound exercices (deadlifts,rack pulls etc.) maybe even slightly squats ;

So I would do them by opening the lats and trying to squezze them with your upper arm , then without shrugging concentrate on your elbows as the weigth is hanging from it .

If you are going for push / pull u can merge in the lateral work somehow into your workouts

but continuing this style of training shouldn’t last longer than 2-3 weeks nonstop

Of course these are my personal opinions

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