Middle Back Shrug

What do you all think of the Middle Back Shrug? A physical therapist showed me this exercise as a means of posture correction, but how does it look in the face of bodybuilding?

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I want to say Kelso did bent over shrugs and I remember Dr. Squat writing about them in his books from years ago. They seem legit to me.

Yes. It’s used in Thub’s HSS-100 back specialization.

I’ve used them in the past. I think it is a good exercise.

It looks fine in the face of bodybuilding. It’s just a row with the arm flexion component taken out of the movement.

Same thing with regular pushups vs. scapular pushups.

The ROM is small so you have to load up on weight.

This is true isolation.

And everybody knows that isolation is the only thing that works for bodybuilding, right?