Middle Back & Hip Joint Pain, bpc157?

About 5weeks ago, i hurt my back while squatting(i felt clicking in middle spine but there was no pain) & hip joint the next dat while deadlifting, i didn’t feel any pain or discomfort, but it was there after waking up next day, so, i went to an orthopedic, he did some xrays & said spine is good, its just muscle sprain, he asked me to take 1 week rest, gave me some gel to apply & a pain killer, but even after a month it still doesn’t feel right, i can feel something wrong in back while i try to sleep & sit down completely, there is definitely pain in hip joint, also i cant perform deadlift, squat, rows, because there is sharp pain in middle back & hip joint whenever i try to do these, strange thing is that i feel it more while resting & pain is in middle back & hip joint only, i have read that bpc157 or tb500 are good for healing , but i couldn’t find those anywhere, does anyone know any good alternative that would actually heal the muscles not just kill the pain?