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Middle Age Boost?

I’m 45. 5’ 9", 230, fairly strong. Been lifting for about 3 years. My diet is not the best, but not real bad either. I work crazy hours get 4-6 hours of sleep a night, work is stressful, on a good day.

What can I LEAGALLY take to help turn this 230 frame into a 200 - 185 hunk of mass. Diet is first I know.

If you are talkig about weight loss only, take a look at HOT-ROX. It is a powerful weight reduction supplement when combined with the correct diet. Also, based on your age, I would not hesitate to stack it with Alpha Male (and M) to ensure that T-levels are held high.

Something you could “take” would be a good, hard look at your life. Maybe all the stress you seem to be dealing with isn’t worth the nice car in the driveway, etc. No offense meant, this probably doesn’t even apply, but sometimes we need to examine the real basics of our lives. Charles Staley talks about this in some of his literature and is great on explaining goal based behavior.

Sleep and antioxidants. Stress is VERY catabolic, the best thing would be to get a new job but I think that’s out of the question??

Try to get a nap during the day, otherwise I think you know what to do. You said it yourself, diet…

My suggestion would be… follow Dr. John Berardi’s “diet”-guidelines. You’ll lose weight but it doesn’t feel like you dieting which is good when you’re stressed out working.