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Mid-Workout Nutrition

Hey guys,
I’m really hoping some of the t-mag guys can help here. I have asked this question on other boards with no definative answer…Should Bodybuilders drink a carb drink during workout? Now I know that strength athletes should (as I am one - A westside guy). But, I am about to do some bodybuilding come Jan. 1st.

The reason I ask, is because we all know one of the ways muscle grows is through Supercompensation. Our muscles get depleted of glycogen, etc. during the workout, and then we drink a huge ass protein shake w/ carbs, creatine, glutamine, etc. and whoala! - Supercompensation occurs as the insulin spike forces all the awesome nutrients into out muscles.

But if we drink carbs throughout our workout, then our glycogen levels never deplete, and therefore, do we still get Supercompensation? and is it even important?


Yes. Read the article by John Berardi in this issue of T-mag.

I was going to let you know on the other board, but I thought I’d get hated on since they seem to hate Brock/T-mag :-). Anyway, like was already told to you, read the latest work by John Berardi.

I know Charle Poliquin and Dr. Mauro DiPasquale
prescribe taking massive amounts of BCAA’s during one’s workout (40 grams or so). I haven’t tried this (dont’ know why), but wouldn’t taking in whey protein (which is high in BCAA’s), have some sort of positive effect?