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Mid twenties puberty?

Hey, I’m a 25 yr old kickboxer who lifts regularly, I’ve had some physcial changes lately that have me concerned.

  1. I’m getting hair ALL OVER my body, I mean, forehead, back, neck, I’m turning into the fucking wolfman. at the same time, I’m losing hair rapidly on my head even though I’ve been using rogaine for a few years. All of these changes are rapid, not gradual.

  2. My sex drive is through the roof. But different, I use to rub one out daily, like three times a day. Now I’m lucky if it’s once a day. The difference is I’ve become a real pig with women, my confidence has improved, I’ve had five different girls the last month(I was dry for years before that). I’m no Romeo, but chicks are definitely more attracted to me even though I’m no spring chicken and my hair isn’t as thick as it used to be. The girl I’ve been screwing regularly says my dick seems thicker and I’ve been staying harder a lot longer.

  3. Strength and size have increased tremendously without much improvement in effort. I don’t do steroids or take any supplements. Even though I look bigger and more ripped, I’ve actually lost weight. Ten lbs in the last month. I saweat like a madman when I workout, I take three shirts to the gym.

What gives? With no change in my routine I feel like I’ve gone through a huge metamorphis. I just recently moved, I’m not working regularly(the stress of work always seems to raise my T) and I quit smoking pot. I’ve quit before in the past which definitelty clears the cloudiness from my thinking but with not much physical improvement. Now it’s the opposite, I’ve become a lot more aggressive, my mental clarity isn’t always there but emotionally I feel less paranoid. I don’t feel like myself and when I talk to my doctor I get an uninformed response. OR rather, the typical HMO bullshit. Is it possible to go through a second puberty? That’s what it feels like…


You need help of the Psychological variety.

Don’t get me wrong you need a good medical doctor too!

that’s what you get for being the lead guitarist from the dead kennedys!

You been experimenting with transportation machines Mr. Brundle? I have no idea…maybe the dope was suppressing your T. Funny, I had a friend that trained from around 16 or so but he said that he put on the most size and strength when he hit 25 so it’s possible.



Have you been bitten by any strange animals? Your not drinking your Rogaine are you? Sorry this is a pretty funny post…maybe you should go to a doc!

You are turning into a wolfman. It’s that simple.

Hey Bro,

Not to worry. A lot of men reach thier muscular peak along with increased strength around 25. I can’t explain the hair though. Maybe it’s all that protein you’re eatin’. It’ll hurt your kidneys you know? LMAO.

Do you do squats? Besides being bad for the knees I hear they change you into a bear…

Maybe you’re like the other Jet Li in The One, and your other "you"s are being killed off making you into one strong mofo! lol

Out of all that, the fact that you quit pot seems like the only reasonable cause for all of these changes. Pot lowers testosterone and raises estrogen and cortisol, so if it’s out of the picture, your body may just be working at what’s considered optimal.

Losing your hair seems to start fairly rapidly and then slowly tapers off. Every guy seems to get really freaked out at first and then calms down as the rate of hairloss reduces.

The rogaine probably had some effect on your endogenous DHT levels. Someone else with more knowledge on the Steroid forum could help more, but if you’ve changed your dosing over the last little while, it could affect you too.

Bottom line is that it’s likely a combination of a bunch of things, some you’ve listed, others you haven’t yet considered. But you are at that magical age for some. So chalk it up to that too.


I’m 24 and going through something similar. Haven’t really changed anything in my training but have notice strenght gains. I believe it has something to do with my slowing metabolism.

The hair thing is wierd. Yesterday while inspecting my gorgeously hideous face I saw a nose hair sticking out. It was just one, but it freaked me out. I felt like an old man. Plus, back hair is coming in at an increasingly alarming rate. And it’s just gay to ask your roommates to shave your back.

Were you high when you wrote this?

I’d like to see the studies that show marijuana usage lowers T and increases estrogen and cortisol. I know I’ve heard alot of speculation on the subject, but I haven’t seen any studies. I do know that it is common for some chronic users to accumulate more breast tissue. However, one could argue that the munchies are to blame and that they’re just getting fat.

As for the hair issue, get used to it. As you grow older, your body starts sprouting pubes where it didn’t as a younger adult. Eventually, your eyebrows will be bushes that need regular pruning and you can braid your ear hair.

One more thing. I noticed in a previous post you mentioned Tribex? Are you taking Tribex? I’ve been taking it for a while now. I’ve used to be a one a day guy, but while I’ve been using the Tribex, my sex drive is out of control. I’ve also noticed an increase in skin oil production and also getting a few blemishes. The only thing I can think of is the stuff WORKS!

So are you applying the rogaine in the shower? Might explain the hair growth all over your body.

How old were the five girls you hit?

Either this is a troll, or someone replaced his jello with androgel.

Kind of sounds like the same thing i’m going through, just not so wolfman like. I’m a 23 year old kickboxer/mma also experiencing a second puberty. Oily skin, k-razy sex drive, good gains, hair loss, but no hair where it shouldn’t be. I have no beef other than the hair loss but it’s gonna happen no matter what i do (genetic gift).

With all that hair, these guys are calling your name.