Mid-Training Surge

I’m all for drinking Surge during my workout while bulking up, but I’m not sure about it during a cutting phase. I’m thinking that it will stunt fat loss, so I should just drink all of it after the workout. Anyone have any thoughts?

I don’t have mine handy, but I think JB writes about this in the new paper issue of T-mag.

Eric, it will not stunt “fat loss”. Fat loss is a full day job, not just while your working out.

Nope, I dropped about 30 pounds in like a month and a half with Surge during and after my training (first 2 phases of Ian Kings 12 Weeks to SS & 30 mins of cardio). I’d say 10 of that was water… I followed a modified t-dawg style diet with the massive eating guidelines… carbs were around 120 on both workout and nonworkout days.